Don`t forget your marriage anniversary!

Published February 15, 2008 by axinia

Do men really inclined to forget their marriage anniversary?– that is at least what one can see in films or read in the books… Are they just more egoistical? Or simply because they are less “past-oriented”? (this is an argument my wise husband gave me).

In fact, that can be petty much true, for men are generally more future-oriented fellows (the subtle reason is that men are more on the right-side, towards future. Women – on the so called left side, past-oriented and emotional).

Whatever is the reason, I actually wanted to share with you this lovely videoclip by Abhay Sopori  – Santoor Maestro Music Composer Dancing Dewdrops:

 And don´t forget your marriage anniversary! 🙂

(my one is coming soon next month)

LOVE, axinia


Why men love women with long hair

Published January 24, 2008 by axinia

Isn´t it amazing that despite the hairdressers trying to cut the women`s hair short and do their wild experiments with girls` manes, the long hair is still alive and actually flourishing? Why do the beauties smiling at us from the ad posters in every corner of the world all have long hair?

I think in a way it is the same story as with marriage: even if somebody claims the institution to be dying out, there are some  – probably subconscious – reasons for it to live forever! Long hair is known to be the first decoration of a woman. There should be definetly some connection with the collective subconsiousness of human race.

In the case of the long hair making any woman look beautiful and indeed attractive the secret is well known but well forgotten.

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What marriage really does to people

Published January 13, 2008 by axinia

I am a passionate believer in the marriage institution. I posted already several articles on that fascinating topic, but some new ideas keep coming up. So let me continue with praising this truly beautiful and deep form of human relationships.

Despite the growing anti-marriage tendencies in the society and general crisis of this institution, the sacredness of marriage keeps attracting people of all cultures. There are several reasons I can think of in that respect, the reasons I described already in “Marriage: made in heaven”. This time I want to share with you one more reason, which is obviously not that well known, although lays on the surface of the subject.

In a marriage people become (blood)relatives! – not only that they become officially recognised as a couple, but they start being seen as people naturally RELATED to each other. In Russian there is a special word for it, “rodnoy” which means somebody who is of your own blood. Read the rest of this entry →

Western and Russian couple patterns

Published December 24, 2007 by axinia

Since I moved to Europe from Russia I have been watching the relationships of couples over here. What has been puzzling me the most is the totally different approach to the relationships, the so called partnership pattern. They use that word most frequently as a synonym of a couple. But I can not get used to that  business-like name for such a beautiful and prescious relationship. Is married life indeed a partnership? Or is it much more?

I could make a long list of arguments on the deep nature of a healthy couple relationships. And I love to speak about this topic. This time however let me just show you two pictures reflecting my opinion.

Since 10 years I have been watching all sorts of couples in the West and my expression of what I see is this:

“We are together: close but each living his/her own life” – that is how it feels. Read the rest of this entry →

Living together and still not married? See what is wrong with it!

Published November 17, 2007 by axinia


photo: Meredith Farmer

The modern trend of living together in a so called cohabitation or civil marriage has been recently taking over not only the majority of the Western countries but also of Eastern Europe and Russia.

I have been suspecting something wrong with that phenomenon but could not really explain why. You probably know this feeling: you are sure something is wrong, but a simple explanation (because it is not traditional, not natural or not successful) does not work with the modern civilised humans.

Recently I came across some studies giving the scientific proof and logical explanation for the unhealthy nature of that state of illegal cohabitation (yes, actually it IS illegal – simply because it is not “by law”).

More than 50 percent of American couples cohabit, and those who later marry are more likely to divorce Read the rest of this entry →

My absolute ideals of feminie beauty

Published October 18, 2007 by axinia

They are only two of them, my absolute ideals of feminine beauty.

The fist one – the “physical” beauty of Aishwarya Rai. She is absolute perfect in my eyes! And it is not by chance that she is Indian – as I wrote in my earlier post The image of the primordial woman” – since my childhood I considered Indian beauty as the ultimate. But I am not alone. According to Clinique Beauty Study (9.800 women from 12 countries), women around the globe  consider Indian and Italian ladies the most beautiful. Read the rest of this entry →

Beautiful overweight

Published August 14, 2007 by axinia

  photo by axinia

My post “Why do we long for beauty” was commented by “C”, a sweet young girl looking for support in her beauty pursuit.I promised to write a post on that topic and here I am – writing for Shaktipower after such a  long time!..

Dear C., You say you are “… 5′4 and about 230 lbs. Though these may sound like alarming numbers I do not look as big as the digits, but compared to other girls my age I feel like a house. ” Lovely description! – I was so touched by your comment that it made me think about it and I came to some interesting conclusions.

1. First of all – where do you live? I bet it is one of these western countries that ruined the image of a woman, making her look like a man (skinny, skeleton-like, flat). If it is the case you are lucky indeed and will need a sound portion of self-esteem.

The fact is that in all traditional cultures a skinny woman has never been seen as beautiful! I must admit that I love looking at women who are bigger that “standard” sizes (but the proportions are still important) – as I find it really pleasing and beautiful. Read the rest of this entry →