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The Church down the Centuries: women, sex and child abuse

Published August 16, 2008 by axinia

The history of the West is heavily minted by Christianity as an organised religion. In particular, as far as the attitude to a woman is concerned. There is a number of facts that depict how this attitude developed and explain how did it come to the disrespect and abuse of the womanhood  as such.

1th Century:

Paul declares: “those who marry will have torments of the flesh”. “Are not you tied to a wife? Do not look for a wife”.

4th Century:

The Council of Nicaea (325) decrees that man must not marry after his ordination as a priest. Pope Syrius (385) adds that after ordination, no man is permittedto sleep with his wife.

5th Century:

Augustine declares: “Frigidity is spirituality”. “Sex during marriage is only for those who cannot control themselves” The ideal would be no sex, at any moment and for eternity”.

6th Century:

Pope Gregory the Great declares the sexual desire as a sin. Read the rest of this entry →


What is so special about Russian women?

Published March 24, 2008 by sj

Vodka, oil, weapons and… Russian women – these are the objects of Russian national pride. I wonder if there is any other country in this world where its women are considered the national objects of value?

Being able to watch Russian women in their home country and abroad for quite a time, and being a Russian woman myself I want to share with you some results of my long-time observations on the subject of their nature. But first let me make one very important statement:

Every country gives its special colour/flavour to its citizens, due to the geographical, historical, cultural or many other reasons. Thus, I personally consider the women of every country a special object of value, kind of a priceless commodity, the treasure.

So what is there the about Russian women?

Physical beauty

Face: Russian women are beautiful (at least this is what they hear all the time), they are aware of their beauty, they like to make themselves beautiful and they enjoy being beautiful. “Beauty will save the world” – is one of the most favorite Russian quotes apparently by F.Dostoevski.

The secret of that special beauty lays in quite a wild mixture of the East and West. Read the rest of this entry →

Spiritual aspects of feminine beauty

Published October 25, 2006 by axinia

People want to be beautiful. People like others who are beautiful. People like beautiful things and places… But is it all the same? Spiritual people will call “ugly” whatever the rest of the modern world consider beautiful (fashions and everything under the slogan “sex sells”). The rest of the modern world does not understand spirituality and looks down to the people who value their inner beauty the most. But is there really such a gap between these two worlds? They seem to be so different from each other… But the word “beauty “is the same for both! So there must be some universal meaning, universal truth…

 Western tradition 

 The attitude to the feminine beauty, to the womanhood itself has a long Christian history in the West. The woman has never been that much seen as the beautiful creation of God. The more so, it has been since millennia deeply programmed by the priests that a woman is an evil herself, a torn on the glorious path of a man.

This disrespectful attitude to the womanhood had brought its fruits as a feministic movement in the 20th century, with all these millions of western women desperately crying for love and adoration… If we track down anything written about beauty in two thousand years of theology we can summarize the tradition into two statements: First, beauty is trivial. To most pastors and teachers, physical appearance has not seemed an important enough spiritual issue even to address. Second, should the matter come up at all, beauty is dangerous. 


Oriental tradition

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