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I am Axinia, originally Russian, based in Austria. Since many years I have been interested in both the spiritual inner and outer beauty of a person, especially that of a woman. 

There is also another blog of mine which is more personal and more diverse in topics – welcome to 1000petals!



64 comments on “About axinia

  • Hi Axinia,
    It’s ideal, in our life,to get an equilibrium between the spiritual and material things that make our bodies.

    In this way, we will be happy in this life and we will be able to continue our spiritual cycle across this infinite universe.

    Have a good day.
    CARLOS (Tiger without Time)

  • hey
    you are Russian..
    you write so well about India(you could even beat many Indians).. that i always thought you are an Indian with a foreign upbringing..
    Great work yaar(=buddy)
    keep it up..

  • Thank you, Hunny Sachdeva!
    To be taken for an Indian is very flattering for me.
    I do love India and I know certain things about this great country (mostly due to my practice of Sahaja Yoga for 11 years already).
    But in fact I am very international, I had a chance to absorb several different cultures and that is what makes my life and character today.

  • Hi axinia,
    I am a young Kuchipudi dancer, who needs help. I am looking to start an academy of Dance that teaches Kuchipudi, but at an international level. For that I would love to get in touch with a Classical Ballet Dancer, who would like to come to India To teach ballet to my students for the next 2-3 years. I dream that someday I could combine the spirituality and romantism of Indian dance with the proper technique and grandeur of Classical ballet to create something that no one has done as yet! Please help me – srisandhyaraja@yahoo.com

  • Dear Sandhya, your dream is just wonderful!!

    I wish it will come true, I have seen once in Sahaja Yoga festifal one dance where kuchipudy was combined with calssical balley, it was incredible… I will forward your question to Siddhi Basale,sure. And may be some other readers of mine could responde??

    Anyway good luck and I am glad to support you wilth any contact that will come to my mind.
    Love, axinia

    • hi Axinia,

      I don’t know what happens to me when I read your blog. I think, I am in a fantasy world. I feel myself out of this real world, I forget all my work and I feel very relaxed. Your blog is very simple and touching. I want to go to dreamland with you where time does not flow, everything is stagnant and just you and me, beautiful nature and all the beautiful things. Exploration will be the only thing in that place. We will wake up from bed and can see white swans swimming in the pond with lot of lotus flowers, with mild cuckoo sound. Then we can go for fishing for a while, catch fish and pluck raw apples from trees to have our breakfast.
      Our lunch will be green vegetables cooked with care by you and me near the river bank and our evening will be always romantic near the warm wooden fire with a glass of precious wine. What else is needed? If I can live such type of life with you for one day in my life, I think I have lived my life. There will be no desire left for me. I will feel I have curved the space-time fabric, only I need your company.

  • Thank you so much Axinia
    for your prompt and encouraging reply. I would be very grateful if you could fwd my request to Sidhi Basale or better yet, if you could give me her e.mail adress or any other way to contact her.

  • Thanks, Nita! I put lots of love and work into it. But unfortunately I have no time to sustatin this “shaktipower” 😦 Still planning to post an article or two, hope to find some time soon…

  • Let me just couple of lines of actress Audrey Hepburn about Beauties of a Woman –
    For attractive lips,
    Speak words of kindness.
    For lovely eyes,
    Seek out the good in people.
    For a slim figure,
    Share your food with the hungry.
    For beautiful hair,
    Let a child run his fingers through it once a day.
    For poise,
    Walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.

  • Privet Axinia! I stumbled upon your blog , spent some 10 minutes, and got very tempted to write a short impression. You really write interesting stuff, beautiful pictures and great impressions about india…truly you are a b’ful soul.
    viel spass in Indien 😉
    lots of wishes 🙂

  • Dear Axinia, thank you for all what you do! Thank you for giving your time to it! I dont normally read this kinda stuff but your blogs just absorbed my attention! :))) marvellous! thanks a lot!
    Best regards,

  • @ Dear Al`bina, thanks a lot for your compliment. I will do my best 🙂

    @ Danish, nice to meet you:) you seem to be a global person! hope to meet you here again and again…

  • Greetings dear lady and appreciate having found you. The more we have together the better we are as a whole. These perspectives are very new and unique from my everyday world.
    Thank you and hope to explore and see much more.

  • Hi Axinia,

    As some one mentioned, when I saw your blog I thought you are an Indian, brought up in Russia.

    Nice blog. Keep the good work going Axinia.


  • obwohl ich nicht neugierig bin, hab ich doch mal geguckt 🙂

    und wenn ich dein bild so sehe, passt wunderbar zu deinem beitrag über die russischen frauen 🙂

    nein, dass war keine anmache, baggerei oder so 🙂 nur ein ehrliches kompliment. mehr nicht.

  • Axinia, Thanks for the responsed to my comments…U wont believe me , I was on your page for almost 3 hrs now…..No wonder U have got so many awards…You really are doing a wonderful job !!!! This blog for me is like a journey….full of knowledge, questions and answers, ideas, what not!!! Thanks to google, I came across this post!!

    Just out of excitement,seeing your interest and knowledge about India, I wanted to suggest you a documentary of BBC (Micheal Wood) about India called , THE STORY OF INDIA …. the link on wiki is


    I suggest you watch it 🙂
    If you already have seen it, It would be nice if you have some thoughts penned about that!


  • Ramya, I am so happy you have been reading so many of my posts!..that is the best award for me!

    Many thanks for the link, i will surely check it out and let you know (thanks God today is Sunday :).

    Warm reagards,

  • Very beautiful………………… your soul is as beautiful as you are…….. it uplifts one’s spirit……………. keep up the good work………… may god bless you always and you reach the pinnacle of self realisation

  • Hello Ms Anixia,

    This is Vikas. I’ll be honest: I’m yet to read any post here or on your other blogs though I am aware of your popularity.

    Will definitely visit later.

    I am a Ph.D. student with JNU, New Delhi. My topic of research is (Russia-U.S. Relations 2000-08). I had learnt the Russian language two years ago to pass in an essential course in the first year of my M.Phil but I forgot all of it! Difficult!

  • Hi and namaste…..
    do u know, one thing i want to tell u…that it is very rare now that we in India starts a conversation with namaste….but I am making it here….
    and it is an interesting thing when u r studying which is foreign to u…..
    For now i am i Germany and d most obvious reason for me was to learn abt German culture….And while staying here am makking my future plans to hav a glimps of Russian culture in future….so am doin a russian language class and will b visiting Russia soon….But it was a nice feeling that there r people who hav the interests as i hav…..nice to read ur blogs and salute to ur thirst for achieving d knowledge of Human behaviour all over d world……

  • Hello Axinia,

    I just wanted to say, wow. You’ve bestowed in me so much faith and inspiration that it almost takes my breath away. I always had a spiritual soul, but reading your blog, has helped to nurture it and take my mind further and further than I ever imagined.

    I hope you continue to make posts, as I really do enjoy reading and better understanding others as well as myself.

    I love you, and thank you.

  • thank you Olga, I think there is enought of informatio about me here, this blog is finally not about my personal promotion 🙂 I know people like to learn more but I really do not want too much…

  • Hey Axinia,

    Wish you a very happy new year…:)

    Awesome blog !!! I came over here in my quest to search for writers for my upcoming magazine called “reader’s Quotient” to be coming this 26th and found it to be to a totally different stuff……this magazine that we are gonna launch shall be devoted for the cause of better cause of the socciety…..shall i like ro know more about the concept and give your reviews ….in case you like you can come along with us…..i can be reached at mihirjha@readersquotient.com

    Happy writing

    • Thank you Mihir, for your kind appreciation, I am gald you like my writings. Unfortunately I am very busy with so many projects, so that I am not able to contirbute anywhere else. However I am happy if you will send me the link of your project, I’ll be glad to support and promote it on my blogs.
      LOVE, axinia

  • Dear Axnia,

    I’ve just recently came accross your site. I’ve been accumulating data on relationships and romantic relationships. Ironically, the topic of beauty and aesthetics are primary components of my work. It is also a topic that has profoundly affected my life! I am a non-trad student pursuing minors in Sociology, Philosophy, and Psychology; my major will be chosen soon. I am leaning toward philosophy. From what I have seen, your site is very comprehensive and is helping many people gain a greater understanding of significant life-issues. I am very impressed and as I have opportunity to further follow your posts, I am certain it is going to be a great help to me as well. Thank you for the work you do and for your heart of beauty that reaches beyond the confines of human limitations…

  • Hi Axinia

    Not sure where your contact address is, but was wondering if I could do a guest blog for you? I write a blog on helping women get in touch with their inner beauty. When you get a moment, please can you email reshamkhiani@gmail.com so we can discuss further opportunities

    Many thanks

  • First time in my life,I become to know something about Russian woman.I there is big question if the Russian woman is so good why USSR is broken.

  • Hi Axinia,
    I just bumped into this blog and its very creative,informative and teaches a lot about Russian culture and am sure,a lot of people benefited from your blog.Keep it up and hope to see more of it.Best wishes from Bangalore city,India.

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