The Church down the Centuries: women, sex and child abuse

Published August 16, 2008 by axinia

The history of the West is heavily minted by Christianity as an organised religion. In particular, as far as the attitude to a woman is concerned. There is a number of facts that depict how this attitude developed and explain how did it come to the disrespect and abuse of the womanhood  as such.

1th Century:

Paul declares: “those who marry will have torments of the flesh”. “Are not you tied to a wife? Do not look for a wife”.

4th Century:

The Council of Nicaea (325) decrees that man must not marry after his ordination as a priest. Pope Syrius (385) adds that after ordination, no man is permittedto sleep with his wife.

5th Century:

Augustine declares: “Frigidity is spirituality”. “Sex during marriage is only for those who cannot control themselves” The ideal would be no sex, at any moment and for eternity”.

6th Century:

Pope Gregory the Great declares the sexual desire as a sin.

9th Century:

Marozia, the mistress of Pope Sergius III, gives birth to the child that will become Pope John XI. John XI also had a son who succeeded him at the head of Papacy (John XII).

10th Century:

Pope Sextus IV is infamous for his mistresses.

16th Century:

Saint Peter`s Cathedral of Rome can be rebuilt thatnk to the papal trade in “indulgences“. Likewise Roman brothers are to finance the reconstruction of the dome.

The Council of the Trent declares celibacy superior to marriage.

20th Century:

In the 70`s Archbishop Danielou from France dies in the arms of a prostitute. Johan Paul II freezes the dispensation from celibacy introduced by his predecessor Paul VI.

In Europe and America, thousands of catholic priests are suspected of child sexual abuse.

In 1990, in the USA, 600 priests are charged with child sexual abuse. The pope is compelled to give his apologies. The Vatican incurs several million dollars in legal costs. In Canada, 19 churchmen are charged with rape and sexual abuse on children: 177 victims in total, 49 counts of indictment ranging from bodily lesions to sodomy.

The fact-line quoted from “The Search for the Divine Mother” by G.Verez.


9 comments on “The Church down the Centuries: women, sex and child abuse

  • Hmmm . . . I never trust any organised religion . . .

    Axinia, during the mediæval ages, the Church was believed to have supported the burning 😡 of many women who were branded as “witches” 😯

    They also burned cats at the stake 😦 This led to an explosion in the population of rats and they spread the plague. The Black Death is sometimes referred to as “the cats’ revenge”.

    It’s good to hear that the culprits are being brought to book. In India, many kinds of abuses take place at “ashrams” run by fake godmen 😡 Some are discovered and punished while others try to get away by using both money and political connections.

  • Scietech:

    ” during the mediæval ages, the Church was believed to have supported the burning of many women who were branded as “witches” – was believed to have done it?? It is queite well proven, unfortunately. 😦

    I am sure there cases like that in all realigions…Many things are still to be revealed.

  • Yes, that is terrible, Axinia 😦

    I guess the Church wanted to wipe out those who questioned and opposed its authority, like the people who practised the pagan religions that existed in Europe before the arrival of Christianity. So they were branded as “heretics” and “witches” and burned at the stake 😯

    Other organised religions are not any better at all. The way crazy people kill each other in the name of religions or different sects within the same religion makes me sick of religion itself. That is why I stay away from organised religions. The fact that all religions require one to give up free thought and believe in something blindly without any kind of questioning also makes it unacceptable for me. For instance, why should I believe something just because the Church/Mosque/Temple says so? They said the Sun revolved around the Earth. It does not become true even if everyone believes such a thing. I would not be surprised if all organised religions perish. I would be happy if they did!

    One does not need religions or holy books to experience spirituality at all! 😐

  • I guess holy books could be trusted if they present just the spiritual teachings of the masters. But that is not always the case. Many of them were modified later. Not just that, they can be interpreted in so many different ways. Sometimes, the interpretations turn out to be contradictory 😐

    I apologise if I have hurt the sentiments of your readers who are religious 😐

  • Scietech, I am with you. I always has a bad feeling for organized religions – in fact, I naturally avoided them.

    The personalities who stand at the origin of all of them like Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammen, Krish and Rama – they all there special and the gem of spirituality. It is the people who made a perversion out of their teachings.

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