Don`t forget your marriage anniversary!

Published February 15, 2008 by axinia

Do men really inclined to forget their marriage anniversary?– that is at least what one can see in films or read in the books… Are they just more egoistical? Or simply because they are less “past-oriented”? (this is an argument my wise husband gave me).

In fact, that can be petty much true, for men are generally more future-oriented fellows (the subtle reason is that men are more on the right-side, towards future. Women – on the so called left side, past-oriented and emotional).

Whatever is the reason, I actually wanted to share with you this lovely videoclip by Abhay Sopori  – Santoor Maestro Music Composer Dancing Dewdrops:

 And don´t forget your marriage anniversary! 🙂

(my one is coming soon next month)

LOVE, axinia


10 comments on “Don`t forget your marriage anniversary!

  • I am not that woman who takes the anniversaries serious. We usually try to have our joyful time daily full of love. I love this way. So does my husband. For we can not fit ourselves with barriers and exceptations.

    Always the start point is important and the continuance, loyalty to that holy start point. Anniversaries belongs to the past, and past is not real anymore 🙂

    Anyway, happy your anniversay to you lovely Axinia. May you live happily ever after with your husband..

  • Thanks for your warm word, dear Shahrazad! In fact, I live the same way as you – every day is the celebrtion of our love and the truly devine union…
    Very enjoyable!
    Interetingly we habe not managed to celebrate the actual marriage anniversary properly so far 🙂 But such occasions are nice because they may create a truly festive mood, and a nice chance to do somwthing one may not be able to do every day (for time or financial reasons)…

  • the videoclip feels sweet ! well it s only 2 years we are merried and both times both of us had forgot about the anniversary! and then laughed after few days cause somebody remembered us or we rememebered by ourselves. we are so much in sintony that we remember and forget at the same time. i am really amazed about the link between my husband and me, it s beyond explanation…

  • My husband forget everything! (and he is a little on the left side!) We have forgotten every anniversary when we were engaged….but now….we celebrate marriage anniversary….because with it we have started our life in sahaja yoga togheter…..a great experience for growing!!!

  • Dear Axinia!
    A very nice videoclip, Thanks. Its like swimming in a Bollywood film. This year we´ll celebrate our 35. Marriage Anniversary and the most last years I forgot the date! My husband took this very seriously. But the important thing is to love each other after this long time! Happy Marriage Anniversary to You – Draupadi.

  • I hope to again some day share the Anniversary with my beloved. I all years of marriage it seemed more important to me this day, birthdays and special times when we were young.
    It was she who is the heartless and lost one. No longer do I celebrate in pain of loss. I am better this way but wish not to be alone. Do not lose hope. Love will come to all Axinia.

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