Why men love women with long hair

Published January 24, 2008 by axinia

Isn´t it amazing that despite the hairdressers trying to cut the women`s hair short and do their wild experiments with girls` manes, the long hair is still alive and actually flourishing? Why do the beauties smiling at us from the ad posters in every corner of the world all have long hair?

I think in a way it is the same story as with marriage: even if somebody claims the institution to be dying out, there are some  – probably subconscious – reasons for it to live forever! Long hair is known to be the first decoration of a woman. There should be definetly some connection with the collective subconsiousness of human race.

In the case of the long hair making any woman look beautiful and indeed attractive the secret is well known but well forgotten.

In many cultures it is believed that hair contains the power of a woman. On the surface of it one may see the power of some physical attraction. But the reason is much deeper! Long hair manifests the true power of femininity, the quintessence of a woman. The shakti. Something any man is really looking for. Something a woman really gives to a man.

In one study published in the research journal Human Nature, researchers found that
women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated
far more highly when shown with a longer hairstyle. The experimenters concluded that
longer hairstyles increase women’s attractiveness in part because longer hair helps to
disguise less desirable features. Long hair tends to make the jaw line slimmer and less
prominent and draws attention away from undefined cheekbones. Also, as described by
many men, long hair also contributes to a more feminine and youthful appearance.

Recently I noticed a strong tendency among the western women to grow their hair long. May it somehow manifest the (unconscious) return to the roots? To the true femininity? The longing for understanding the deep and beautiful nature of womanhood? – At least this is what I want to believe…

LOVE, axinia


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  • Browsing my memories: everytime i had short hair funny and wierd things happened to me, whenever i had it long positive things were also associated. I would go for long hair forever now (not as long as in those pics though!!) luv, r.

  • I absolutely adore girls with long hair. Also, I get very mad when girls don’t take care of their hair, especially when its long. Healthy hair is something that I am very attracted to, oddly enough. And more guys take issue with unhealthy hair than you might think. So start conditioning your hair ladies!

  • thanks to everyone for exellent und honest comments!
    My regular readres know, that I write all my posts are personal experience based.
    I love long hair – I love to watch it on somebody and – since two years I am grogin my own long 🙂 In fact, I had a shot cut all my life since I got married and my husband asked me to grow them long…. And that was very wise of him 🙂
    I is not only that I look much better, but I also feel much better, especiall wearing them loose (radha, I am with you!)
    What I really wanted to say with that post is that there must be some deeper reason that the “sexy look” – there is some kind of a mystery behind long hair.

  • Rapunzel!!!

    I actually read a book (can’t remember the title) which is considered to be an epic in Tamil (language spoken in Tamil Nadu, a state in India). That epic, actually a love story of the ancient times that involved princes & princesses & kings & war.

    The book goes deep into the hair of the heroine – at one part, the lovers secretly meet at the dead of the night on a riverbank on a full moon day – god, I am getting goosebumps as I write this – and when the hero takes the face of the girl into his hands, strands of hair fall onto the face and moonlight filters through these strands. Due to the magical play of light, the hero is partly able to see the face and rest is left to his imagination, which makes him super-curious and then they have a ball….

    In South India, Hair Care is a ritual – oil is applied, scalp massaged, a powder made with special ingredients (typically shikhakhai, hibiscus etc.) is applied (partly to remove the excess oil & partly for the benefits of the powder’s contents) and finally washed off. Then the hair is dried (naturally) and any tangles that exist is removed. After this, the hair is braided (hair braiding process has been described as a highly erotic foreplay by vatsyayan in the kama sutra) and tied. Finally, flowers like jasmine that are made into small garlands are used to decorate the hair.
    After all this, when you see the woman, your hand automatically rises in reverence – reverence is the word and not lust.

    I personally love the hair parted in the middle, braided in three lines, with fresh jasmine and other accessories like dot on the forehead, earrings, neckace & full silk saree women.

    Good topic Axinia, let’s see what the women have to say about all this 🙂

    • I agree with your description of an attractive woman–and I am a woman. Somewhere in our race to equal “opportunity” and equal pay, we (American) women gave up the essence of who we are. How silly. We need to reclaim the charm of our grandmothers!

      • Anonymous, I couldn’t agree with you any more than I do. I’m an 18 year old girl, and am horrified when I look around and see people destroying their hair and natural beauty with hot irons, dyes, and all manner of cosmetics and chemicals. I long for the day when everybody realizes that we can be beautiful in our own way 🙂

  • I admit, I LOVE long hair on women. I’m always pleading with my wife to grow her hair long. To me, long hair on a women brings out an attractive, natural and primal beauty that is unsurpassed by any makeup job.

    • But long is a LOT of work when it is thick (though nice) like mine. So I keep it short for practical reasons. Long doesn’t put food on my table. I have to work, clean my house,

    • i do not agree with you. Long hair is everything faminine in a woman. Long hair magnifies all other attractiveness and i don’t even take a second look at a woman with short hair…

  • Raman, your comment is enjoyable and captivating as ever, thanks!

    jmgorat: thanks for the lovely comment!

    The Necromancer: I guess I know what you mean… There is one more thing about long hair – it is something a woman has control over. Other things like figure/shape are normally not under our natural control (not taking plastic surgery into consideration)…

  • interesting post.

    as a woman of african descent not mixed with an european or asian ancestry, my natural hair doesn’t grow long. if anything, it would grow out, but not hand long. this is find with me. as a matter of fact, i love my look the most when i have absolutely no hair. however, because the standard of beauty in the u.s. – which is clearly exported and/or shared abroad – maintains that long hair signals beauty, it’s no surprise that many african people suffer from an insidious self-hatred that tells us we are not born beautiful and must necessarily burn our scalps off or glue on an anonymous asian woman’s hair to be beautiful, when it’s really more about how you value and carry what you have than anything else.

    and what of cultures of women whose hair doesn’t grow long, does that mean that they cannot “manifest the true power of femininity”? are they doomed to be eternally disconnected from the “quintessence of a woman”?

    • I beg to differ. Black hair can grow long. My is complete natural to my waist. I believe to many black women are obessed with relaxers, and straighten thier hair, which breaks it. I went natural ten years ago. My is natural wavy but still afro texture hair. My hair got wide before it got long. Because I have such big long hair I decide to get it dreadlocked. Which is just twisting the natural hair and applying a locking gel to it. I think Black women need to love their natural texture hair. Ps. yes I am from Haiti and I do have european blood in me, but my hair is still afro textured hair. I’m tired of such ignorant statement black hair can’t grow,

      • hey. my hubby is from haiti and took me there this year. we stayed in port-au-prince a few days before going going to his home aux cayes. so, shout out! anyway. i am black with afro-textured hair also. i would like to say this: yes, our hair can and does grow long if we ttake extra care of it and avoid chemicals and other damaging products. I cut my hair in may, 2006, now in oct 2010, it is bra-strap length. cold be longer but i have been ignoring it. now, as to your comment, Nat, no, our hair does not “hang long” a lot of the time. we will retain length, but you cannot tell because their hair shrinks at the very sight of water. And some people’a hair shrink way more than 50% of its length. Mine shrinks 50% after a wash, but, after a week or two of braiding, it straightens out a little and shows SOME length and allows me to wear rolls, twists, buns and ponytails and complicated styles with my Flexi8. I dont like to wear it down because, on its own it would also shrink. So Nitevision is absolutely right. As for your comment about dreadlocks, I hope you know that your hair only shows length because, in addition to low manipulation (if yours are freeform), locks hold onto shedded hair and builds length on that. Natural Black Hair Growth cannot ever be compared to the growth of locks. Please dont.

        Nitevision, yes, “black hair” is looked at as undesirable. But, to those ladies, who wear their hair in its natural texture (and especially those who have natural hair who dont try to assimilate on the sly by dyeing it), we have shown that “black hair” is truly beautiful and that all of those “black hair” growth myths are just that: myths. Oh! And the “black hair” maintenance myths are just that too!

    • I don’t have any African heritage but I hear what you’re saying.

      I think the alluring part about women is our health & hair is just one way that outwardly demonstrates it. Even if your hair only measured 12inches when pulled it straight you still have about 2yrs of health on show. Plus it’s also about the condition it’s in not just the length. Feeling comfortable with one’s self is a sign of mental stability (“health”) so I think embracing your natural hair & feeling confident in it can be equally feminine & attractive.

      I think there are gorgeous women who have had shaved-heads or short hair-cuts & still look attractive. However, I personally believe women of African heritage are the only ones who can have those hair styles & it actually emphasizes their beauty! Probably because of all the other healthy features it helps show off, like: amazing bone structure, skin, teeth, eyes, neck etc.
      I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m just generalizing. I suppose I think our brain understands beauty in an unconscious way that’s well programmed into our brain-stem; beauty =health & for an African woman it isn’t going to be shown with hair that grows to her knees ;P & I think we intuitively know that.

    • Nitevision, you are so right! It is a sad sight to see dark skinned toddlers with burned off edges(soft baby hair around hairl line) because their mother is desprate to live up to an unattainable standard of “beauty” . We all know long hair is beautiful. However, science has proven what is most important to men when seeking a potential mate. Guess what! Black women have it. That is a hip to waist ratio of 0.7. BTW…Im white, I have really long hair and I love reading about why men like it. But….I have a flat butt : ( and chances are you have an awesome curvy body. I love to reasearch topics like the science of attraction. you should take a look at some of the findings. One study found a man’s eyes look at the hips first, every time he was shown a picture of a women. So relax about the “white idea of beauty” because ALL men love curvy bodys : )

  • nitevision, thanks a lot for your interesting comment, really! You are right, it is not the case in the africal culture…honestly I consider myself quite an expert on asian and european cultures, but not african and not u.s. Now I am puzzled 🙂
    But let me see…
    As I mentioned in the post, in many cultures the hair is considered to the the power of a woman. Even animals, if they want to show thier power they show much hair or fether… I guess that if an african woman grow her hair, it will look the most powerful of all! – because of this kind of mane…Then it is actually the same! :)))

    Since I am not experienced or learned in African ethnology I wonder if you could shre with me what is considered to be very feminine in Africa, is there any other symbole of the “quintessence of a woman”, or “shakti”-principle I mentioned?

    • There are many different cultures in AFrica whose values in beauty differ widely. Lets see, though. The ones who consider massive hair (I say “massive” because I dare not say “long” as Nitevision and I have already explained above) a sign of beauty sometimes braid, bead, twist, or roll their hair. Colorful and elegant headscarves that match with their outfits look very queenly also. Other signs of beauty in many African cultures include: velvety, smooth, and even-toned skin (it is everyone’s inherant right), motherhood, the way that women walk (very hard to describe, but it seems that most AFrican and Caribbean women walk this way), feminine submission, soft eyes, etc.

  • Respectfully, I think you’re missing the point a little bit. Nitevision brings up a very good point: that beauty is a cultural construct and that a lot of what we think of as “natural” or “subconscious” appreciations of beauty are socially determined. Long hair is beautiful in many cultures but it is not the determining factor of femininity in ALL cultures and not all men appreciate it.

    Also, while it’s true that many animals show their “power” with extra hair or feathers, but these animals tend to be males: look at peacocks and lions, for example.

  • Interesting post. I’ve had my hair both long and short (never shorter than being able to pull it into a pony tail though) and am currently growing it out again. My husband refused to tell me which he really liked better (said he liked both equally well) and I FINALLY got him to tell me that both styles are cute and attractive for different reasons, but long hair really is overall more attractive to him. I must admit to feeling some sort of difficult-to-define power when my hair was long, though… I don’t know…

  • Yes I do agree with your post. it’s funny why and how this is happening. I personally like women with long hair because they look sweeter, softer, more gentle and less boyish when compared to short hair.

  • For me It’s mostly about attitude: Women who cut their hair short (like a man’s hairstyle), dress like a guy and have a butch attitude are just as much a turn off as a woman with long hair who acts like a Prima donna aka Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears and demands that the world and everybody in it revolve around her…On the other hand a woman who is comfortable with being feminine and treats the men in her life with respect is a definite turn on wether she has long or short hair…

  • Another interesting point: When a lady was widowed, the society used to shave her head off in olden days in India. I hate that practice – no one has the right to dictate what someone else must do. But would try to research on the idea. I also strongly believe my anncestors to be scientific in their ideas. Any light on this are would be welcome.

  • My love wants me to grow mine out long, but I told him if it will be the length he wants it to be, then he’s going to have me care for it, every stinking day.

    Guess what his reaction was? 😀

  • axinia,

    Congratulations on your latest post.. it listed on the WordPress hot post from time to time and that’s how I found you 🙂

    The Russian Girls that I love to blog about..


    about almost universally have long beautiful hair.. So they are also quite clued into what you are talking about and very proud of it too.

    Again great post!


  • It has been very interesting to read everyone’s opinion on this subject, and I thought I’d try to shed some light on anthropological/evolutionary psychology theories I’ve read surrounding “attraction” to this particular feature. Hair can actually tell a lot about a potential mate’s health; someone anemic, lacking in protein or essential fatty acids, possessing a problematic thyroid or malfunctioning adrenal glands — or many other types of problems — will not have healthy hair. Obviously, on an instinctive level, all animals go for signs of health in a mate. (Notice how, universally, even though we ALL get blemishes at some point or another, unblemished skin is considered more attractive than otherwise.)

    This theory applies equally to animals; peacock feathers are a perfect example. The bigger the display (like a peacock tail), the more nutritionally sound an individual must be to support it. Granted, genetics play a role (some males will never have tails as big as others’), and, yes, this particular example relates to males, so, technically, if we were to purport that long hair was an instinctive preference, then we would be *instinctively* seeking longer hair in men as well. Anthropologists have also, however, determined that men tend to wear shorter hair in most societies (western, at least) because it was usually men to go to war, and long hair was a liability — you were easier to grab. Women, however, didn’t typically find themselves in this scenario, so there was no life-or-death reason for them to cut their hair short.

    No one is entirely sure as to whether or not a preference for long hair is instinctive or culturally constructed (And, as nitevision so wisely points out, in certain areas of the world, historically, this would’ve been a silly preference to have because “long” hair for some is just about genetically impossible.), but reflect on the fact that a person’s health can be reflected in the hair. Drug tests are done on hair because hair keeps a record of chemical traces, even, I believe, of the diet. The longer the hair, the further back in time you can assess someone’s health; someone who, for example, had a serious health problem or nutritional deficiency a few years back might have a few inches of very thin or brittle hair, even if they’re healthy now.

    I’m not an anthropologist, but I’ve read a lot about anthropology, and sexual selection theories fascinate me, so I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on this question!

    • I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      I think womens histroy of health is more essential than mens when it comes to off-spring, as we carry our eggs from before we are born & also carry the developing child & supply milk etc.

      As you said, there are also genetic differences, cultural & personal tastes. While a man might be attracted to a certain type of hair length & it is one that catches his attention, I don’t believe most use it as a means of who to persue. And if they do well it’s their lose, you’re probably better off with someone else.

    • I think thats more of a reason to cut it, that way you give them less information. I hated wearing long hair, and im so much happier with it short. I think its just sexism that want to make women have more constraints. Its a lot easier to not have long hair, it frees up so much time and takes one thing off your mind.

  • I don’t think all men love women with long hair, and Laura‘s anthropological argument should, but doesn’t, apply to men. Because if hair means health, why wouldn’t women be attracted to men with long hair?

    It’s interesting to explore why some people like to see/grow long hair.
    It’s arrogant and insensitive to claim that long hair reflects true beauty, and imply that to be feminine, one should grow long, beautiful hair.

  • I’ve recently made the decision to keep my hair long … probably for hte rest of my life. It is simply that I feel the most “me” when my hair is long and flowing.

  • Believe me, men like women to have their long, and natural. Keep it brushed and clean. Then leave it alone.
    So many women sell themselves short when all they have to do is be themselves, and they will be well loved, and even cherished. Letting your hair grow is only a small part of that. Be yourself.

    • thank you for reminding me of that. my husband feels the same way, but he just doesnt understand. in order to have minimalist beauty routines (esp with hair), we have to do extra to take care of it. ironic. but, if we want natural, healthy, long hair, we cant wear it long for too long (lol). i have to pin it up or something to keep it off my shoulders or the ends will start to break and the length will suffer. and, as i have afro-textured hair (and African descendants have dry hair), i have to oil and braid it at night then tie a satin scarf around it. the only time i can wear it loose/long is when we are intimate or when he asks for it on special occassions. MEN, PLEASE TRY TO UNDERSTAND. WE ARE ONLY DOING THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

  • Hi, everyone, thanks for this interesting discussion!

    I was expecting this topic to get popular, but it is truly fascinating to find such a variety of opinions.

    What I personally can conclude from thins discusiion, is that NOBODY KNOWS the true reason for this phenomenon of the long hair 🙂 I still believe it has something to do with the collective subconscious (see my another post on Primordial beauty https://shaktipower.wordpress.com/2007/02/24/the-image-of-a-primordial-woman/)
    But I do not claim the ultimate truth hier.
    One thing is clear: ladies should wear thier hair the way they are most comfortable with it 🙂

    • I think this discussion will end in the so-called: nature/nurture-debate, which means that it’s partly a genetic preference and partly because of cultural influences. And there will always be people who’ll claim that one of those is most important!

      By the way isn’t the best example of whether cultural influence play an important role on the desirability or prefence for men with long hair, the culture of the American Natives?

  • In response to zeroratio, I agree with him about how this argument would mean that those attracted to men would also have an instinctive preference for long hair on men as well (Hence my statement: “…Technically, if we were to purport that long hair was an instinctive preference, then we would be *instinctively* seeking longer hair in men as well.”). But I agree with axinia — everyone “should wear their hair the way they are most comfortable with it.” 🙂

  • Laura, it seems to me that some things can not be explained only biologically. There are lots of absuletely “unnatural” things, one that fascinates me is altruism amongs animals…I guess if we look from biological point of view even marriage would seem the wrong insitituion, however life prooves that it is still the best form… There are many puzzles waiting for us to understand 🙂
    My theory about long hair prefenrences is only based on the eveidence I can watch around.

    • Axinia, if you take a closer look at what seems “unnatural” to you, in most cases you will be able to find a perfectly natural reasons for it. Your examples can be explained easily by the theory of games – often it is much more advantageous and therefore “natural” to be altruistic then being egoistic. And marriage – probably you mean monogamy – is for example the best way to avoid sexualy-transferrable diseases. But there are certainly much more reasons for that. Monogamy is also quite frequent in the animal world, and there are many factors that influence the choice of mating strategy. It’s fascinating, I recommend reading more about it.
      Thanks for this interesting discussion!

  • Hey, Jersey, my response would be, “Let’s get started!!” I do help my wife with her long hair, and to me, it’s totally worth it. And evolution schlamution. Long hair is just plain incredible on gals of all ages, and what guy does not love a woman’s hair caressing his entire body? A gay one, perhaps! As if some day men are going to “evolve” past the desire to see and feel long hair on women. NEVER!! Short cuts are occasionally cute, but cascading locks are sizzling and youthful.

  • Hair that long is beautiful but a real commitment. My hair is halfway down my back right now and it takes so long to wash, condition and style. But when it looks good, I feel great. At my office, all of the women are getting their hair cut short and all of the men are dismayed. Men love long hair.

  • I love it short and sexy and cute and hot and gorgeous.
    If god has given the flexibity to wear it short as well as long, why not to experiement with it? I prefer short, at the most shoulder length, but it should be heavy, straght and shiny.

    Comment……………. (Those who agree with me, write here)

  • some of us are not blessed with hair that grows long–I think we can assume we are graced with the same specialness as those of you who can grow your hair long.

    I think making the length of hair too important an issue is related to objectification of women.

    There is pressure for women to be a certain way. The media pressures women to be thin, too thin quite often and so it is with hair—we see long hair associated with sexiness.

    I celebrate diversity. Long hair, short hair and all body types too! The super thin body has only been celebrated for a short time. Larger bodies were preferred through most of history because it was a status symbol–a manifestation of having more.

  • One good friend of mine from http://nirmalamagazine.wordpress.com/
    has written about 8 reasons why long hair is the best

    Because it can be dressed up in so many different ways, with colorful strings and ribbons, shining jewerly and bright little beeds.
    Because when a hand is passed thru it it sends a nice message out basing on the occasion when it is done.
    Because a woman is more fascinating when the wind is blowing and moving her hair around the face.
    Because a woman can play a lot with her fingers thru the hair in different occasions. It can be really fun and beautiful.
    Because a child can play more and caress and move his little fingers thru the hair of a mother or auntie woman.
    Because combing the hair is an anti-stress activity especially iwhen done for an extended period.
    Because it can be decorated with wonderful hanging flowers in the back.
    Because when a woman walk and the hair move it can easily emanate a fragrance in the air around, and this is special and lovely.

  • This thread certainly has taken on a life of it’s own! Too be sure, there are many great comments here. Yet? I think that perhaps the original topic, or theme has gone astray.

    Is there an instinctual preferance for long hair on women..? I for one absolutly love long hair on women. But was that learned? Or built in?

    Social anthropology does not appear to have the solution. How about evolution? Almost, but no cigar.

    Can a woman be beautiful with short hair? Certainly. My opinion though is that she would look much better with hair down her back. When I was in Africa the women with longer hair were much more attractive, even if it was all in a bulkier package, than those that had shorn their locks, so to speak.

    Middle eastern women can only be judged for beauty after they enter a society where they are not so restricted as in their homelands. They almost always have very long and lush hair, and are beautiful women.

    Someone above asked about Asian women that could not grow hair..? Where? I have been all over this wonderful world that we live in, and women can, and do, grow their hair.

  • patricksperry,
    nice comment, thanks! Recently I read a dicussion in the German Cosmopolitan on the same topic! – but if fact, really nobody knows the reason. Although the men claim the long hair to be beautiful, and women not always…Really puzzling topic 🙂

  • i love my hair to be long but because of too much stress daily, i neglected the healthy care i end up cutting it short (shoulder length) last month. I love long hair in spite of the hot weather but I just can’t stand it for now. Incase i go back to wintry areas, i would surely love my hair to be long. 🙂

    i agree in some way that men admire ladies with long hair but yet i find it confusing why. i even think at times that one of my bf jst liked or loved me fo rmy hair. and when we broke up — i really cut my hair short and when i got out of the hair parlor — i met him and his mouth opened in awe – not any word out of his mouth. hahahaha! can’t ever for get that!

  • Raman said,

    “When a lady was widowed, the society used to shave her head off in olden days in India”.

    Raman, this practice is biblically based. It is a sign of morning just as it has always been tradional to wear black at a funeral. It’s an expression of great sadness. A sacrifice made to show more deeply what tears alone could not express. However in ancient times it was just as commonly done by men as with women. For them to show up at a funeral with long hair would be seen as an act of disrespect or insensitivity. This practice was certianly not unique to India as it was used my women in Inglish speaking countries as well. Although they did not shave thier heads, up until about a hundered years ago wemen would cut their hair short and dress in black. No one forced them to do this but it was expected.

    I’ve read many of the comments here and many say that long hair being preceived as beautiful is a matter of prefference, tradition, and perhaps even influenced by our own evoloution. Some suggest that their not even sure what makes a man like it. Wow! Is that the best you can do.

    As a conservitive Christian clearly I would have to disagree. Several times through out the old testiment God refers to a womans hair as her glory. Ladies you may not know why we men are attracted to certain things in a woman, even the sex appeal of some specific organs, or curves in all the right places, how about a sweet gental nature, and nothing potrays an image of femininity like long hair. To be honest, us guys don’t even have those answers. What I do know is that God created us to be attracted to some very specific things. There are also things about us that you like, qualities which if we didn’t have them would render us less attractive to women.

    I understand that everyone wants to be considered good looking. I also know that to be the best that you can be, wheither male or female takes time and effort. Telling others that being over weight can be beautiful means you don’t have to eat properly and keep an active life style. Like wise, when you say short hair is more attractive, it means you don’t have to spend the time trying to manage what you consider to be your less than ideal hair type. These are just excuses to make us feel better while we do nothing to improve ourselves. Deep down you all know it too. I’ve seen many women who look good with short hair. But having said this how much more incredible they would look with longer hair! Ladies we respect your decisions, we know your life styles can be busy but don’t try to tell us what we like.

    Men with long hair?

    Long hair has always been a public display of pride and statis. Beleive it or not, for thousands of years it was the norm even for men. Sorry (Laura), but men of war commonly had long hair through out most of history. (Though I have to say I am laughing as I try to picture two grown men fighting in the heat of battle and struggling for contol over the other mans hair as you suggested.) People of respectibility, high rank, and even kings many times never cut their hair. Also, in bible times prophets and priests were required by God never to cut their hair. Why did all this change? I don’t know. Did the woman find it sexy? I have know idea, so we’ll have to ask the Ladies.


  • Hello Axinia,

    This is a really fantastic blog. I’m so glad to see a woman of your caliber promoting traditional values and supporting your sisters in russia. I’ve allso injoyed reading your comments on “Russian Woman The Real Truth” All of us guys need a womans perspective and you girls light up our world. Thanks.


  • Through history or not, it seems to have become the tradition. The hair is only the framework of the care and love of the face. If you wish to do so, that is good for some. If not, so what.
    If I may be bold to state Axinia uses this in a cultured and beautiful way. As intended I would think. I have not to show, some do. Such are the tools and gifts of life.

  • “The hair is only the framework of the care and love of the face.”

    This is very true my friend, there are many other much more important factors that also make a person attractive. In regards to hair though, woman can and do choose what is most comfortable for them regardless of what others think. They should continue to do this. And if they think it looks good then I’m happy for them. That does not mean that everyone else will agree, but I guess what matters is what they think.

    As a man I could shave my head, put my hair in a pony tail, or grow a moehawk but I doubt that a conservitive traditional woman would find it apealing. This is because know matter how great I think I look and know matter how great a person I am, I project an image that would detur some women from getting to know me. A gentleman I may be but that is not the first thing she sees.

    Men want femine charactoristics and like I said before nothing potrays the image of femininity like long hair. Yes there are other things however it’s a first impression.

    I don’t want to critisize anyone about looking a certian way or dressing the way they like but everyone needs to recognise that not everyone will agree with them. Perhaps even the vast majority. No harm intended but thats the truth as I see it.


  • Hey patricksperry,

    Yep pretty much! Just like gravitey no one knows why it exists. It just kinda does. We can make up a whole bunch of theorys, but there’s no real explanations atleast not within human intelligence. In the end it comes down to one single thing. God just spoke the words and it was so. And that is the best anyone can do.


  • Let’s also watch antique Greek or Roman art. Men have shorter hair, and women wear compact coiffures that open the face.

    (Here may I put in a word for hairdressers. There are faces that look plain and “babski” with long hair, and become fine-cut diamonds due to a fitly trimmed contour of locks. High hairdos usually add age, boyish-to-shoulder lengths can refresh…

    but back to the topic.)

    I agree that vitality is the core, and that inconvenience in mammoth hunting / military campaigns is the case why long hair became a feminine privilege. Consider also testosterone’s impact on hair loss. )

    With allowance for cultural conditions, Health and Difference appear the basic driving forces of attraction between the sexes.

    In this regard, shaving off hair (or eyebrows, as in Ancient Egypt) in mourning is part of the ban on carnal joys that goes with it.

    But the reason for this comment is…

    Regarding all the trouble with hair cultivation, hot weather, backward wind, children pulling etc. etc.,

    Guys, Gentlemen, Stallions – PLEASE, take care not to get our hair pinned down in bed! )

    Comrade Natalia

  • (Personal reference:
    Have cut my hair very short at college – to spare it from the stress.
    Next time at the start of a career – to cut down male attention to my feminine side ahead the professional one.
    Then when parting with my ex, as if to start life anew. Have taken time to rediscover myself till it has grown to mid-shoulderblade.
    Guessing how long it grows if I carry it on till the end of my days.))

  • Comrade Natalia, thanks 🙂 Interesting analysis and personal experiences. They say out hair keeps not only the physical information, but also “energy” of our lives. Thus, it is quite common that women cut thier hair after the divorce/separation – it helps to get rid of the old stuff and to start the new life with a new feeling.

    As for the length of the hair, I noticed that – just the opposite of the common believe – long (or at least shoulder-long) hair does not make women seem older! I suspect this to be the hairdresser propaganda in order to make ladies go there more often 🙂

    Today I can see lots of women on the streets of Vienna with at least shoulder-long hair, of all ages and they look soooo good! I guess it is more the question of styling/care. I think especially after 50 when a woman starts loosing her ostrogene hormone and activates testosterone, any masculine feature like a short cut makes her face even more masculine! – which normal woman would probably want to avoid 🙂

  • I guess you are right, Wonderlander,I have also noticed that. As I mentioned it in my post on Russian Women it is because of the higher testosteron amount (same with the figure). Can be lots of reasons, but Western women do ahve more “harder” features. Compare to the asian or Slavic type 🙂

    • I would have to disagree. Russian women generally have harsh features, while western women have gentle looking faces. Lot’s of Russian women I’ve seen have rough looking faces. They look like tough women (probably because they are strong), but not all. Perhaps I view things this way because I’m of Dutch origin.

      • Hi K,

        I wonder what kind of women are you talking about? If we concider not young girls but wonen in theri 40s onwards, I can see what you mean.

        But with young girls it is definetely not true, very have really softer features than, let’s say Dutch…at least that is what I heard so often.

  • Personally I absolutely love long hair. Curled, wave, straight, pulled back in a loose bun, it doesn’t even really matter, as long as it is about halfway down the back. Because long hair requires more effort to keep I also see it as a sign of a girl who cares more her looks and herself, and wants to be more feminine. I love to run my fingers through long hair and the girls that I’ve gotten close to love it when I do it. It’s very relaxing for all involved 🙂

    As mentor RW-Man said before, almost all of the girls on his site have long hair. I have personally noticed that they even pull it in front of their shoulders when they are posing to show off how long and beautiful it is.


  • There is power and mystery in a woman’s long hair. I like Jimmy’s word “fulfilling”, too. To me, it is always a shame when a woman with angel length hair chops it off. Lost beauty!

  • RS, yes, sometimes we do 😦
    I beatiful girlfriend of mine (a model-looking blond Russian beauty) said she will cut her long hair off if she will not get marry this year :(((

  • Axinia,

    Your comment just breaks my heart. True love and devotion is a sweet and precious thing. I find it very sad indeed to see someone have it cruley held just out of reach. If it’s any consolation to your dear friend, know that men experience the same. We wish her the very best in her search. (Actually I’m secretly just hopeing that she gets to keep her hair. After all, I don’t think russian woman want to watch a western man cry!)


  • It’s true, Anixia, if your friend does lop off her awesome hair, her *eventual* husband will look at those photos and wish the cut had never happened. It’d be a heartbreaker. Just today a woman at the local library traded her silky tresses for a Katie Holmes bob. My jaw dropped, and the shock was not a pleasant one. Coulda been worse, I guess. lol

  • i have to disagree with nitevision. i am a US born and bred african american female and my hair is long. i am slightly mixed but not any more than the average black in the United States. a little native and a splash of European blood. blacks must put a little more moisture in their hair and take care very close care of it, but it grows just the same as any other. i think the biggest problem is the hair products that are marketed to us are lousy and contain a lot of unhealthy chemicals and often far overprices so i rarely use them. that contributed to alot of my growth but i often straighten mine so that may make a difference and i ONLY trim when i absolutely have too. but i agree that long hair is beautiful for women to have, short cuts can be cute but there’s just something so feminine and natural about long hair.

    im a hair expert: any questions email at marissaneal25@yahoo.com

  • yes, they do! and i find it also sad.. The hair is not that rich any more when one gets older,still there are some tricks…

    long live long hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you! I’m so sick to death of a certain family member telling me to cut my hair!
    (I’m almost 40 years old) She says that long hair on a woman makes
    me “immature” and “unstyled” even though it is styled well. And it’s shoulder-length.

    I’m very pro-femininity, and I think she’s just jealous because she looks like a man.


    Long live women being women!

    • Please do not cut long hairs. A Women looks too much beautiful than she actually in long hairs specially when opened flying attracts mens

  • i think it’s unfair to say a woman is less attractive with shorter hair. i think it depends on what she looks like. Some women actually look better with shorter hair. And if a man likes a woman, truly does, he won’t want her to hide her face and/or her “less desirable features”. Long hair is a trend on woman that’s been going on for ages but times have changed. Now a woman can wear her hair any way she wants and it could still look feminine. so i think it really depends on who the woman is.

    • Yes, it is not fair, but what on in this world is? That’s what life is about – it is unfair. We are not born with the same qualities and some women are even born ugly, deformed, retarded, some people die young of incurable diseases. However, hair is the less severe of the things mentioned, while it still has some importance in our lives. Therefore it’s so exciting to discuss. It is certainly important what we look like, it influences us a lot, and there are some general trends in judging what is and what isn’t beautiful. You can’t escape that. Of course there are exceptions and minorities, but we are trying to find general answers, not the particular ones for each woman on the world.

  • I was always told the same 🙂 and I always had my hair short. And I was sure I look better with that!!! – so wrong…
    Now, when I have my hair long, I look even more beautiful. And the stunning point here is exactly that I was told the opposite before.

  • Dear Axinia,

    I am Indian and have read old books. In ancient book about sex, authritatively written by one Saint, has given postivie and spiritual importance to Sex.

    I shall not go in more details except that outer look of lady partner should be very attractive to ignite desire and attraction towards her.

    Here one of the attractive item which every ladies have is her beautiful long hair. Since ancient time, long hair, beautiful eyes, lulpy breast, shape of her body etc are starting point to ignite sex desire in man.

    Those countries who have history where ladies were and still keeping long hair religiously or by Custom etc.

    Now long hair needs care and its maintainence is time consuming. In days joint family system was existing, so ladies were generally getting time to look after their beauty and including time consuming long hair.

    Since many decades, with industrial development in world, many ladies are working and have no time to look after their hair, so they prefer to cut, as per choice and later on it becmes a fashion and routine.

    Now cutting hair is common and even many males have accepted ladies with short hair or boy cut hair. but now ladies have turned to cosmetics and making large breast, to improve their look.

    Long hair or short hair may not be important, if you look at this point objectively. Only if you look hair subjective, as the item of increasing sex desire then long hair are one of the best

    Even to day long hair are arranged in styles for just for outer look, because during intimacy that hair arrangement is totallly disturbed while taking physical pleasure.

    So, fashion of keeping long or short hair changes, as time changes and
    it depends individually.

    Many individuals like her lady with long open hair, freshly washed and without oil, so hair look light and in volume, which makes lady most desireable, while others pay more attention on body of his lady.

    So every one shall give opinion in their own way and no conclusion can be certainly arrived at about long or short hair.

  • What is considered feminine in the African culture is a voluptuous or curvy body. It is a sign of a healthy fertile woman. Sometimes a sign of wealth. Women are considered sickly when they are too skinny. There are many desirable traits in the African culture including strength, both mentally, physically, and spiritually. To me a woman’s body is the ideal femine trait, not hair. Long hair is meant to hide the lack of high cheekbones. African women have beautiful high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes, and sun kissed chocolate skin. Also, African woman can grow their hair long if they kept it in it’s natural state, used natural oils, stopped trimming so much, and deep conditioned monthly. People will never know how long my hair is because i keep it braided, twisted in it’s natural curly state. only when stetched you can see the true length which always amazes people. But If a man considered that the most attractive trait then they are not the man for me. It is better someone is attracted to my intelligence and over all personality than my hair. I think any woman will agree with this.

    • i totally totally agree with you. i spoke on African beauty above and wanted to say more, but I figured “why speak on the beauty of the body when we all know men want a sexy woman.” and i do wish my husband appreciated my intelligence more, but he becomes almost defensive (or something) when i open discussions with him. if you can give me advice on that, please do. anyway… long hair is just such an easy way to get what you want out of your husband. i mean, i dont have to play coy, or feed him before asking him to fix the washing machine or anything. he becomes aroused when i take down my hair and “innocently” announce “i have to wash my hair.” i can get him to do anything then.

    • i also want to say this: i cut my hair 4 years ago. I was completely shorn. This, for the sake of “going natural.” My husband (boyfriend, at the time) didnt want me to. No one did. My mother refused to even speak to me. But, when I cut it, the color of my eyes popped and my skin glowed, and my cheeks seemed less round (but i have an oval face anyway). Standing before my dorm mirror, I said outloud “Wow. This is me. Looks at me,” and I was beaming with pride. I remember. My boyfriend did like me look, but he was embarrassed to take me to his Haitian church (in Haiti, they look at women with hair as short as that as whores/prostitutes and he says they dont consider them “worthy of being called women”). But, he very quickly grew to love and appreciate my coils at each stage of growth. He was my biggest supporter. Now, he considered my hair my best feature. No, not just my hair. My long hair.

      The point is that I have experienced every stage of hair length (up to bra strap length) and the compliments of African American men came at every stage. African and Caribbean compliments come when I wear my hair in a huge puff or in very large plaits. Compliments from Whites come only when I wear it down (wow. its so soft) or in complicated styles (wow. i just love what Black women can do with their hair. I wish I had hair like yours. (uhh. sure.)). the point is, Black people love the look of health, period. Healthy hair is beautiful regardless of length. Taking joy in caring for and pride in having natural hair is even more beautiful. But, I still like long/big hair. It does look regal. And, I am still working at it.

  • @Melina, for me the reason was just a desire of my dear husband – that was motivating enough. And I am endlessly grateful to him for that, because now I look really beautiful.

    @A.G: African women are very beautiful, I agree! I love watching them moving and laughthing, they have so much vitality and natural attraction! As for the hair – surely it has go come altogether. It is rather silly to love someone “for something” – i thing we are attracted by a combination of things, and never by a single quality/feature.

  • you know axinia – I am just impressed and somewhat amazed at the kind of topics you cover because I have actually read many articles and studies related to the topics you have posted here.

    Whether its the multiple intelligences – which I keep updating myself about as I am a kindergarten teacher and this is exactly what we are trying to balance through our curriculum which would be suitable for all learners according to their level and comfort of learning, at the same time being able to have a wide range of learning techniques to choose from and get interested in.

    And this topic you are covering just recently in the times of india – they had posted a study about before chopping your hair think about it – it might even have an effect on the sexual performances.

    o well – as I mentioned in one of my comments earlier – its great to see people with similar views.

    keep up the good work!

  • Isn´t it amazing that despite the hairdressers trying to cut the women`s hair short and do their wild experiments with girls` manes, the long hair is still alive and actually flourishing? Why do the beauties smiling at us from the ad posters in every corner of the world all have long hair?

    >> Because ads hardly try to break rules and make us think deeply. Ads try to provoke us utilizing some pre-conceived notions/ideas to sell a product. Like portraying a ‘divine’ woman, a good mom, a devoted wife, a caring someone etc. etc.

    Long hair has been RULED in this male dominated world to BE beautiful. Why this rule? Hope some socio-psychologist might say. But when women are trying to feel and do things as a liberated being…why should we again try to force things upon them like this?

    I think in a way it is the same story as with marriage: even if somebody claims the institution to be dying out, there are some – probably subconscious – reasons for it to live forever! Long hair is known to be the first decoration of a woman. There should be definetly some connection with the collective subconsiousness of human race.

    >> Yes definitely, collective unconscious has not been bestowed by GOD or nature but had been slowly creeping in the path of civilization. Now, all through the civilization male has the final say. Your answer lie in your sentence where you phrase “first decoration”. The phrase strictly points to an object to be decorated, a room, a car or something like this. This is the model of a WOMAN in collective unconscious. Now, now, plz try something new dear. Dont stay in your damn old limits! Else this civilization, growth, inventions, discoveries hold NO worth. We tend to stay in the year 14,000 BC. cave -men!

    In the case of the long hair making any woman look beautiful and indeed attractive the secret is well known but well forgotten.

    >> Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder! The secret is to how much puritanic the beholder is! no in the hair or some other stuff. Men need to liberate themselves from a hell lot of pre-conceived notions. And hola! you would find a new new new beauty.

    In many cultures it is believed that hair contains the power of a woman. On the surface of it one may see the power of some physical attraction. But the reason is much deeper! Long hair manifests the true power of femininity, the quintessence of a woman. The shakti. Something any man is really looking for. Something a woman really gives to a man.

    >> Bull sh**! I should not repeat things that I have written earlier. Just need to remind…what is a belief…its some norm that has been forced upon! POWER in WOMAN! oh! a concept. I am part of a culture from where you have taken this word ‘sakti’. You know, this is a term ‘sakti’ and ‘power goddess’ is but a trap to trap and hold women from a revolt. I have been a witness to all the hail, power and sakti a women in this culture really enjoys!!!!! They are killed in infancy because its a girl-child, wow sakti!!! women are oppressed, suppressed, tortured for ages in this same culture where this sham ‘sakti’ power is so much worshiped. Women are still neither given a little respect. So, plz have a clear note what shakti means. Its a trap to make women numb, powerless, speechless, expressionless and an object of exploitation. Man never look for sakti and power in women. Men take woman as a OBJECT TO POSSESS. And thats why men ‘frame’ lots of lies to possess that object. Praises…worship etc.

    In one study published in the research journal Human Nature, researchers found that women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated far more highly when shown with a longer hairstyle. The experimenters concluded that longer hairstyles increase women’s attractiveness in part because longer hair helps to disguise less desirable features. Long hair tends to make the jaw line slimmer and less prominent and draws attention away from undefined cheekbones. Also, as described by many men, long hair also contributes to a more feminine and youthful appearance.

    >> Can any one plz as the research centers to research on psychology of male dominance!

    Recently I noticed a strong tendency among the western women to grow their hair long. May it somehow manifest the (unconscious) return to the roots? To the true femininity? The longing for understanding the deep and beautiful nature of womanhood? – At least this is what I want to believe…

    >> Now we come to examples. Lets take a look at the psychology of WEST first. Valueless, center-less, faithless, devastated, empty vessel which is just like a straw floating fast in the fast flowing water of the muddy flood. A complete ‘wasteland’. This is reflected in the youth first. They turn hippies….is this ‘turning to root!’ They are more attached to drugs! is this ‘turning back to roots!’ They need somehow cling to life, a deeply inherent ‘existential crisis’ is haunting…hence they are clinging to whatever they can. That is not the root. That is just a CHANGE from what IS. Just a random change that makes their life meaningful.

  • sudipto choudhury, many thanks for your extended comment. If you would read some posts on my blog you will probably see more reasons for tha attitude to a woman that I am depicting here.

    Modern society is rather ill, it is true, but it is much better not only to ciritisize but actually do something about the CHANGE.

    In my private and public life I stand to everytrhing that I post here and make people happy with my love and joy. That is what the true “shakti” power for me.

    I hope you are also living what you are saying and that this brings about some positive change into your and other people`s life.

  • Well axinia, I think that sudipto choudhury is pretty far off base after reading that last paragraph. Sounds like that persons view is stuck in the sixties to me.

    Back to the topic; Myself, as well as many others prefer women with long hair. I think it is simply instinctive. Nothing evil about that, nothing at all.

    Have a great day.

  • What malarky! I Love a beautiful short swngy bob cut & detest women with long hair 98% of the time! Most WOMEN like long hair or are at least AFRAID to cut it properly into a smart & fashionable style! Long hair IF ULTRA thick and so perfectly healthy you can see your reflection in the shine… looks beautiful. What I see is WAY to many women afraid to cu their thin scraggely coarse dull unhealthy hair at any cost… “just a trim don’t take off more than ¼ inch!” Nevermind the split ends alone require 6″! Sucessful Men prefer a short polished chic short bob. Abusive low-class unemployed hippie biker-types like long hair. Yes they are more vocal and complain more often when women speak of cutting, but… look at wives of sucessful men. how do most wear their hair? no longer than an inch past the tops of the shoulders to a short crop.

  • What matter is your eyes of puriy to look creator’s beauty, he has sent everyone with his own beautiness which we should always keep in our mind and introspect the way he wan’t who we are to go against his wills though he gave us full liberty and freedom to act upon that’s why people over ride with so many experiments of long hair and short hair.
    Natural beauty is the real beauty doesn’t matter whether its Asian, African or American and any part of the globe. If almighty has given hairs long or short enjoy with it’s beauty, ilong/ short hardly matters as long as your heart is full of love & kindness.

  • I know that when ever I decide to cut my hair, even a few inches to get the dead ends off so it can be healthy again, most everyone asks me why I would do such a horrible thing. (Male and Female) It took a long time for me to grow my hair, (7 years from chin length, so I had it short too) and it is quite long (it hangs about the top of my back jeans pockets), and yes, some days it’s difficult to keep healthy. But it isn’t about my hair making me feel more feminine or powerful, or even beautiful. My hair, long or short, makes me feel creative… finding new ways to style it, or lately, just keep it out of my way, makes my mornings fun and interesting. My significant other has told me length doesn’t matter as long as he can still play with it. And as for preferring males with [long] hair, on some men, it definitely looks HOT. Take for example, how men feel about balding… they have so many “cures” for balding because everyone wants a “good looking” (non-balding?) mate. As far as that goes, look at cultures and treatment of “facial/body hair.” I guess my question is where do we draw the line? Bottom line, everyone is beautiful from the inside out, not the other way around. The outside is just a reflection of what we see/feel inside.

    • absolutely agree with you! the ouside is a reflection…that is why if a woman becomes more feminine, she wants to grow her hair.

      Intrestingly it has been noticed in the period of hard economic times that women tend to keep their hari short, because they have to geneallly get “more masculine”, probably work more, etc….that is an intesting tendency, and I start noticing it again now, when the crises came (the post was written in some better times 🙂

  • I recently cut my hair short, and though I haven’t really gotten any feedback (or attention) from men, many, many women have told me that they love my hair! I personally think that men are more inclined to prefer women with longer hair, while women all secretly prefer shorter hair but because long hair is the social ideal and is more likely to attract men, most prefer to keep their hair longer in order to avoid losing their sex appeal. I love short hair on women becuase it shows open rebellion towards ideals set in place by a male-dominant society.

  • Mary, men can’t help what we find beautiful. Long hair simply IS gorgeous, and gets the juices flowing, in a way that short haircuts rarely do. If you love short hair on yourself, keep it. But do it b/c YOU think it’s pretty, not for spite. Luckily, SOME women will always wear the flowing tresses we love, and spin our heads around.

  • There is this crazy Indian boy who forgets everything when i untie my hair and smile..

    He says ” I can change the Hindu patheon with your idol Olga, if you dont cut your hair ever “..

    are all Indian men crazy?


  • Men and long hair… all I can say is in my case I did have waist length hair all my life (Im now in my 20’s.)

    I didn’t have anything “special” happen when I had long hair except being stalked, abused by partners who were crazy jealous over men starring at me all the time. (The grabbing the hair part is true, men do grab your hair if they are a crazy jealous type).

    I always had sick perverts following me around when I had long hair. (Believe me not an understatement.)

    Now I have the “Bob” haircut and everything is roses the last two years!

    With the “Bob” chin length bob haircut Ive been treated with respect by so many people in situations I before were treated like a brainless tart or something to stare at. In going to the bank, University lecturers, dates, the cinema etc.
    I’m now treated like an actual person rather than a sex object.

    It’s really wonderful having short hair because people respect your boundaries more and I’m still being found very attractive as I still have stalkers.. (I have no idea how to get rid of perverts & prowlers but they are just men I didn’t want to get to know, Im not fussy I’m just not interested in getting to know anyone outside my actual hobbies or family life.)

    I hated having long hair because it seemed it attracted anyone, everyone and didn’t project any clear personality of my own.

    I do realize husbands like the soft look of long hair however there are just so many beautiful women with the shorter hair:

    Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Ashley Judd, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek (had short), Drew Barrymore, Kiera Knightly, Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, Brittany Murphy and believe me I could go on and on!!!

    With short hair I have been more confident than ever before I feel sexier than I ever did in my entire life, I don’t feel like a zombie copycat.. I feel alive and I can actually see my body in clothes now its fabulous because you can actually see your figure.

    I have less creepy men following me home from the grocery store and for that Im very happy.

    It certainly hasn’t stopped men asking me out and going gaga over me.

    Short hair also makes you appear taller and you get noticed more often.

    Believe it or not men actually love long hair because it makes you more invisible, submissive looking & tame.

    If you want to be wild free independant and sexy grow cut your hair shorter than shoulder length.

    Long long hair in Asia was actually a punishment from Ghengis Khans Armies BTW!!!

    Study up on your history, Asians didn’t wear long hair forever it was a punishment in China so Ghengis Khan could make sure he can make the Chinese submit. !!! PREVIOUSLY in history everyone CUT THERE HAIR.

    To top it off, I wasnt going to comment at all on this topic just thought I would share that Short hair CAN BE SEXY POWERFUL and.. just so beautiful. Ive always seen long hair as repressive & overly submissive and I didnt at all like being dragged by mine when my ex husband bashed me.

    People respect you more when you have short hair and short hair is just as alluring as long but men feel women with shorter hair are more FIESTY & OUTGOING… and now men don’t want a powerful wife, women aren’t meant to be powerful in their eyes (Look up psychology of long hair in regards to men).

    Lots of men love short hair, but personally I don’t care if they like it or not!

    Personality should count and if your married to someone who cares more about your hair than dreams, personality & hobbies… then you just don’t respect yourself enough believe me your more loveable than you know.

    If you don’t love yourself, your true self, noone else will ever respect you let alone love you.

    • wow. what a hairlife. how long was your hair?

      “People respect you more when you have short hair and short hair is just as alluring as long but men feel women with shorter hair are more FIESTY & OUTGOING… and now men don’t want a powerful wife, women aren’t meant to be powerful in their eyes (Look up psychology of long hair in regards to men).”

      btw, that is not just psychological, it is Biblical. According to the Holy Bible, which I believe in, women are to have long hair (and to cover it) as a sign of submission to her husband and to God and as a sign unto the angels. God knows our hearts and minds and he knows that he gave women the glory of long hair to symbolize the beauty of feminine submission. Short hair is rebellious and fiesty. These days, a lot of men are attracted to that. But, I’m not really clear on how short is short or how long long really is. Someone clear this up for me, please.

  • Meg Ryan, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes, Ashley Judd, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek (had short), Drew Barrymore, Kiera Knightly, Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks, Alissa Milano, Brittany Murphy, Oprah, Lucy Liu (I pref her movies with the shorter hair and don’t know why)….

    I had to note that I noticed recently that I had respected & formed an emotional respect or idea of personality to many famous women with short hair.

    However when it comes to long haired actresses it just didn’t have the same impact of emotional connection to their names, whereas when you think of Meg Ryan you think great person:

    Long hair actress that I don’t have emotional association when I read their names:

    Darryl Hannah, Meryl Streep, Catherine Zeta Jones, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Aishwarya Rai, Rachel Weisz, in fact Im having a very hard time remembering actresses with long hair… oh, .. Rose Mcgowen, Sophie Marceau, Heather Graham, Gwenneth Paltrow, etc.

    Maybe it’s just me, and that’s just fine too!

    But I’ve always associated the shorter hair actresses as more interesting & obviously more famous.

  • Last post I promise!!!

    I remembered that,

    Feminine energy is passive, Goddess energy is internal, – Silver being feminine is introverted & withdrawing properties, taking, darkness is also representative of the creative feminine energy, as is the color black, cold, reflective but overall passive & mute.

    Masculine energy is like Gold attributes, giving, Extraverted, engaging, outgoing, positive light energy etc.. just .. shining & also powerful heat, warmth which is fine too.

    So in retrospect you would imagine that becoming more “Feminine” equates to withdrawing, becoming more passive and hence this is also the attributes longer hair gives off completely unconsciously. If that’s ok with you then it’s ok with me too! Please go about growing your hair long to impress men but don’t ever be mistaken that it’s giving you any sort of respect or attractiveness in that way you actually believe it to be so. Your submitting to men, not “attracting” them by your own “attractive” powers of a shining light, your laying yourself down in submission giving a clear signal of defeat.

    Whether you realize it or not and perhaps that is the “traditional” role of women however I argue that it isn’t because if you study history anciently women have had many roles that are equal with men in ancient pagan societies of warier women & the knowledgeable women of past pagan religion in Europe. Cleopatra & the Amazonian women.

    Men with long hair aren’t respected at all, not by men or women.

    So it would only be logical to conclude that all long hair isn’t very “respectable” however a husband wants a sexy sex object and not a respectable equal spouse.

    Hair is a choice, a signal of your personality and it doesn’t have anything to do with shakti.

    • Dear Julie, thanks a lot for your extended and really interesting comments. For some reason this topic seem to be very important to you.
      Surely it is not the long hair that shoudl finally attract, but the shining light of the personality, you are right – but why a woman with a shining personality can not be feminine, passive, etc`? what would be wrong with that?

      • I believe she can. Example: I have a movie called “Pinjar.” In it, the girl, Puro is the light of her family’s life because of both her beauty (she is just so cute with feminine ways) and her charming personality. She has long hair and is submissive (even to her destiny and to her kidnapper in the end). However, she is a shining light of purity, beauty, joy, and passion. Watching this movie, we never forget she is a woman, a feminine soul, nor do we fail to see her BEAUTY! I hope that others will see me in this way.

  • Alan said,

    February 20, 2009 @ 10:48 am

    What malarky! I Love a beautiful short swngy bob cut & detest women with long hair 98% of the time! Most WOMEN like long hair or are at least AFRAID to cut it properly into a smart & fashionable style! Long hair IF ULTRA thick and so perfectly healthy you can see your reflection in the shine… looks beautiful. What I see is WAY to many women afraid to cu their thin scraggely coarse dull unhealthy hair at any cost… “just a trim don’t take off more than ¼ inch!” Nevermind the split ends alone require 6″! Sucessful Men prefer a short polished chic short bob. Abusive low-class unemployed hippie biker-types like long hair. Yes they are more vocal and complain more often when women speak of cutting, but… look at wives of sucessful men. how do most wear their hair? no longer than an inch past the tops of the shoulders to a short crop.


    I have to admit I have come across this in the past two years!!!

    I now have someone very respectable who is very loving and more successful than anyone I had previously attracted.

    I noticed I didn’t attract the rough, agressive men anymore. Which I was over the moon about.

    I cut my hair because previously I had my hair long because my ex partner (abusive) had preffered long hair not because I liked it myself, or suited my personality.

    Im a Ballet dancer, Im very feminine, I don’t work a conventional job and so the economic meltdown didn’t effect me at all.

    I did cut my hair because I had always secretly thought shorter hair on women was just so vibrant!!! I didn’t have a clue how to cut my own hair into an above the shoulder cut and so I left it in the hands of my hairdresser and haven’t looked back.

    In dresses & in dancing I look a million times more elegant, I don’t have hair weighing me down & hiding my gown or dance moves.

    Ive attracted new friends who are warmer than my previous ones, lectureres at University give me more respect too.

    I really do know that long hair looks nice on some women.

    However myself and many other women can also look just stunning with shorter hair and in fact it’s also many women’s moment in life where they can finally shine and the entire world can see your beautiful face & body clearly.

    We should all do what we like and please excuse my overly passionate response & long lines it’s rather late and I felt this beautiful thread of yours deserved both sides of a very debated topic.

    Warmest regards, love to all!

  • just want to point out that long hair on african american women is NOT impossible and it is almost always possible to grow afro textured hair long it just take dedication and patience…i know many purely african women whose hair is nearly butt length. 🙂

  • Nicole McCloud, an African American lady had some hit records in the 1980’s. She had beautiful hair down to her knees. Personally, I find long hair on any lady of any race a natural attribute which shouldn’t be ignored. After all it is for free, unlike make-up.

  • On the subject of having long hair…it is too much unnecessary work. When I was previosly married I cut my hair down to a buzz cut to spite my husband…I felt that I was born with my hair and he had no right to impose on me how it should be styled. I am now in a new relationship and my boyfriend is attempting to encourage me to grow my hair…it is not working. Hair does not dictate your level of femeninity. As long as you kno that you are a woman and you dress as such then that is all that should count. Don’t allow a man tell you that you are not beautiful because your hair is short!

  • Hallo all..

    I just accidently stumbled on this blog.. I must admit i love long hair.. it just makes a women look so beautiful and sexy.. till i was in school.. i had really short hair.. but i started growng my hair.. and the lenght would vary depending on how bored i was with my hair.. but now.. my hair a little lower than the waist.. its amost touching my bums.. and i get complimented everyday..!! its alot of hardwork to maintain long hair.. but i have decided would aways look after my beautiful and silky mane.. !

  • I felt completely and deeply sad from dissapointment the love of my life and cut my ankle long hair to my ears. It was a kind of suicide, I dod not want to live anymore but could not take my life, believing in reincarnation. I regret it now.

    It says that it takes alot of energy and vital minerals for the body to grow out to its natural length. The untrimmed hairtips work as antennas to takes up prana to your brain and body.

  • I have long brown hair to me long hair is so beautiful the shortest I’ve ever had my hair is to my shoulders and I hated it that is just way to short for me for as long as I live my hair will never be short again I feel more comfortable with long hair and I feel more womanly and feminine personally I think short hair is ugly but that’s just my opinion.

  • A women looks much more beautiful with long hairs than she actually is. And if she opens her hairs than the mens standing nearby looks desperately steearing at the women as if ones the women could be theirs wife.I too loved my girlfriend prior to my marriage just because of her long hairs. never i looked at her face tough beautiful but always tried to touch and looked at her hairs but she opened her hairs when she was far from me and attracted me most but in knots when near to me and never attracted me. so i didnt touch her. unfortunately my wifes hair was not long at the time of marriage but for my sake she started keeping hairs long but her hairs are not so silky and broad as my girls friends hair and she always come to my memory because of her silky long broad black hairs.I always say my wife i love long hairs and opens the website for long hairs when idle but my wife becomes angry when i do so.

  • hii everyone,
    im 12,my hair is down to my hips and all adults and the eldest kids at my school all comment on how gorgeous my hair is (by the way its a type of brown/red/orburn and a one of a kind colour-which is seen in only a few parts of the world APPARENTLY!!!!!!!) and all the girls in my year say “why dont you get it cut up to your neck it will look so much nicer” and all the boys go around calling me NASTY names which ii obviously cant ssay. and i dont know what to do!!!!!!! why do you think they say it, please give help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ;-D

    • Dear Lüly !

      I think, the girls simply envy you and the boys are simply immature – you see, that older people like your long hair.
      There’s only one advice. Be strong and self-confident and resist their idiotic demands – your beauty is worth that !


  • I do admit that as a man I find long hair–to a point–attractive. Likewise, I find long fingernails–to a point–attractive. But when either gets long enough that it commands the viewer’s attention at the expense of other attractive features it moves into the realm of “freakish”, or at the very least turns an attraction into an oddity. I think a great example of what I’m talking about is at the top of this page; Axinia, I like your hair a lot. The red-head on the left of the page–not so much.

    • you mean like some of those pictures that remind me of a wooly mammoth when the girl wraps herself completely in shaggy and excessively long (past feet) hair and all you can see is a portion of her face? yeah. i can feel hair in my mouth when i see pictures like that. it is a little scary. and i am being serious. i am afraid of so many things it is ridiculous. i hate seeing bugs, dreaming of falling on my face and scraping my teeth across the cement ground, hair on a plate (even if empty) or in a glass of water, hair in a comb or in the toilet to be flushed, my husband when we go fishing and he is about to cast (i always run atleast 15 feet away until the hook is safely in the water), tiny animals (like rats), large animals ( like boxers or heavy horses), dirt in water after handwashing clothes, dirt in the bathtub after someone gets out…the list goes on. these things dont disgust me. they dont freak me out. they scare me to death and wind up haunting my thoughts for atleast 48hours after seeing them. and that includes those “wooly mammoth” photos of girls with extra long hair. one time, when i was five, i saw an illustrated picture of breakfast links in my schoolbook and i am telling you the truth: it bothered me all day and i went home and had nightmares for about a week. people, please dont scare me. i run like a little mouse. if my hair were longer i’d say “i run like a little mouse, hair flying behind me, then I cower in a corner, using my hair to cover/protect my poor little self.”

  • I’m a woman of 44, married for 21 years. Never have I heard my husband complain about the length of my hair, or the color, or whether it was straight or curly. And I’m grateful for that. My better half is nearly bald at 50 but is still as handsome to me as when we met 25 years ago. Less hair, so what?

    My point? If you get really hung up on the physical features of your significant other, when those features change with age–and they will–you may have problems dealing with it. Sure, DH could ask me to change my hair to suit him; the reverse isn’t true. It’s not going to grow back. So I live with it!
    And I’m more to him than just a submissive little woman. Amazing how men think they have ownership of our bodies…

  • All other things being being equal (personality, hobbies, etc…)if nine good looking ladies w/short hair are in a room with one w/long hair, I’m choosing “locks” first. To me it represents more than just beauty….pride, self discipline,responsibility, and essence(very hard to describe)… yes I will make fun of her…cuz I love those qualities in a woman….

  • Very interesting thread.

    Anyway, my take is that the male fascination to long hair is not learned, evolutional or culture historical, but simple God-given.

    This is the reason why it makes for us so hard to explain out.

    Thank you.

  • Oh my goodnessssss I loveee this so much!!!! Long hair will always be THA best…I don’t care whats “in style.” I have/will always have lonnnnng blonde hair and I think guys with long hair are freaking gorgeous. freaking gorrrrrgeeouussssss.

  • Interesting read, I suppose in the long vs short hair on women debate it depends on what you identify with. I think it’s unfair to say that one is better or superior to the other, it depends on the woman and her personality and what stage she is at in her life.

    I used to have long hair, and I found that it was something I hid myself behind. I’d have all kinds of men who were drawn to me because of those primitive signals instead of being attracted to me as a person. I was angry that I was allowing my identity to be defined by what men were drawn to instead of who I wanted to be.

    I cut it off into a very bold short haircut that is unique and shows off my features and reflects more of my personality. You can still tell I am a woman, definitely. I have a great body that I also like to adorn with beautiful, sexy clothes. I also stand out from all the other women who have longer hair, they all start looking the same to me after awhile unless they are individualistic. I get noticed, and people want their pictures taken with me when I’m out and about.

    I immediately felt more sexy, powerful, and “me” when my hair was cut. I attract a more intelligent class of men who appreciate my individuality and intelligence, and I’m also RESPECTED more and taken seriously as a person over all, people have to look into my face and my eyes when they interact with me and SEE ME. The men who are attracted to me also seem to be more secure in their manhood for the most part and aren’t intimidated by the short hair and sexual appearance I have.

    The ones who make “lesbian” comments are usually pretty simple emasculated men who feel weaker around powerful women and aren’t comfortable with their own feminine side. But that’s not my problem, it’s theirs. I’m glad they are weeded out now and I don’t have to waste my precious time on them.

    I guess people have different experiences.

    • You said it best when you said “The ones who make “lesbian” comments are usually pretty simple emasculated men who feel weaker around powerful women and aren’t comfortable with their own feminine side. But that’s not my problem, it’s theirs. I’m glad they are weeded out now and I don’t have to waste my precious time on them.”

      I keep shot hair – now shoulder length but when I was in grad school, it was above shoulder length. I keep it that way because my hair is thick (nicely thick) but very thick adding weight and it’s too much work to take care of. I have had plenty of attention of men most of whom were not the type who were attracted to me based on the primitive signals like long hair.

  • I truly agree about this line – “Long hair is known to be the first decoration of a woman”. As what you’ve said earlier. I personally like women who have their long hair, it attracts me very much. Whether it is curly or straight it doesn’t matter. 🙂 I really appreciate this blog. Thanks for posting and if it is possible for you to share me more about it that would be great.

  • It has always been a pet peve of mine to see women that get a little older cut there hair off, they look like MEN. Sometimes I think, because their hom=rmones stopped working, that might be part of the reason? I have come to the conclussion that they just dont want to have to fix their hair. I’m 65 and Im told all the time I look 45. I have LONG BRIGHT RED HAIR, Yes, directly out of a bottle and as long as they have it in the stores I will buy it and put it on my hair. Not only do white men LOVE the long hair but to black men, long and RED hair are the untlmate turn on, I have found.
    I say ” ladies, stop turning yourselves into things that look like a man, be soft, be female, be as much as you can be.”

  • I’m 26 years old my hair shows.in texature that I’m part native American Indian. I’ve always liked hair long my grade school had hair length so often we braided hair I remember many years tip of hair being cut off so I didn’t get in trouble. One year do to lice daddy decided to have my hair chopped off I’m letting hair grow as long as it can I now know how to thin thickness when it gets to heavy

  • If you can’t love a woman for what she wants to be, then you don’t really love her. If you think you’re in love with a woman for whom you want her to be, then you don’t really love her. Those saying that they can’t help what they’re attracted to answer me this: If you, supposedly, fell in love with a women with long hair and you came home to her have shaven all of her hair off, would you still love her? The answer will be in the deepest depths of your mind, don’t try to cover up your initial answer just to avoid sounding like an insensitive jerk. You will know your answer intrinsically. So your opinions on a woman’s hair does not matter, because, if you answered no to my “would you still love her question/scenario”, you do not matter. You don’t deserve anyone. You deserve to be a lonely old man who only wants a woman for how often she fills your penis with blood.

  • I have not had a Haircut since 1993, men fall all over me, offers of all kinds of things as soon as I was single. My hair color is between red and blond and they love it. No one could pay me enough to let someone cut it. Ladies tell me what I should cut and I ignore them all.

  • Nutrition dosent always play a part, ive known people who live on chips, and cider have really good long hair. Just look up the british word Chav and find out about the girls with really long hair and the worst diet ever. Some people can have the best diets and very thin hair. Its just down to genes.

  • I definately think this is true because I have often found that catty older females try to persuade me to have a shorter hairstyle, men on the other hand always have said to keep it long.

  • i have always loved long hair ever since i had my first long haired girlfriend back in school. I have always thought that it’s a womens choice when to cut her hair no one elses naturally i would do everything to convince her not to cut her hair off for my own reasons but still it’s a womens choice no one elses

  • it’s up to the person with the long hair to decided when to cut no one else i have always loved long hair since i had my first long haired girlfriend back in school the love for women with long hair has stayed with me

  • women with long hair beat short-haired women,hand;s down.women with long hair,are absolutely beautiful,no matter if their good-looking or not.short hair belong’s to men,not women.women are just too lazy to take care of their hair.so they cut it short,or put it in that foolish pony-tail.come on ladie’s let ytour hair grow,and forget the pony-tail,or however else
    they wear it.women with long hair,are very sexy,and mysterious.i think that’s what men like
    in a woman.

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