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Western and Russian couple patterns

Published December 24, 2007 by axinia

Since I moved to Europe from Russia I have been watching the relationships of couples over here. What has been puzzling me the most is the totally different approach to the relationships, the so called partnership pattern. They use that word most frequently as a synonym of a couple. But I can not get used to that  business-like name for such a beautiful and prescious relationship. Is married life indeed a partnership? Or is it much more?

I could make a long list of arguments on the deep nature of a healthy couple relationships. And I love to speak about this topic. This time however let me just show you two pictures reflecting my opinion.

Since 10 years I have been watching all sorts of couples in the West and my expression of what I see is this:

“We are together: close but each living his/her own life” – that is how it feels. Read the rest of this entry →