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Beautiful overweight

Published August 14, 2007 by axinia

  photo by axinia

My post “Why do we long for beauty” was commented by “C”, a sweet young girl looking for support in her beauty pursuit.I promised to write a post on that topic and here I am – writing for Shaktipower after such a  long time!..

Dear C., You say you are “… 5′4 and about 230 lbs. Though these may sound like alarming numbers I do not look as big as the digits, but compared to other girls my age I feel like a house. ” Lovely description! – I was so touched by your comment that it made me think about it and I came to some interesting conclusions.

1. First of all – where do you live? I bet it is one of these western countries that ruined the image of a woman, making her look like a man (skinny, skeleton-like, flat). If it is the case you are lucky indeed and will need a sound portion of self-esteem.

The fact is that in all traditional cultures a skinny woman has never been seen as beautiful! I must admit that I love looking at women who are bigger that “standard” sizes (but the proportions are still important) – as I find it really pleasing and beautiful. Read the rest of this entry →