Confusion of roles: man or woman?

Published May 19, 2007 by axinia

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There is a complete confusion of roles and people are no longer sure what it means to be a man or a woman. God has created two sexes for good reasons, and these two sexes I feel are like two wheels of a chariot.

Of course, there is a certain space or distance between the two and although equal and similar, they are not identical. One is on the left side and the one is on the right side. If you try to fit the left into the right side and the right side to the left, it won´t work out.

Apart from that, if you make one of those wheels smaller or less important than the other, this will prevent the chariot from moving forward and it will just go round and round in the circles.

So this differentiation of the sexes or of gender roles is part of the great variety that has been created by God. Every leaf is different from any other leaf in the whole world. 

He has made these minute differences in order to create the beauty of variety, while we, with our freedom of choice and our nonsensical rationality, are trying to make all human beings look alike, walk alike, talk alike– regardless of sex, culture and age – and all this regimental behaviour finally makes you absolutely bored with human beings.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, “Meta Modern Era”


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26 comments on “Confusion of roles: man or woman?

  • Hi axinia,

    Thanks for your lovely comments there in my space 🙂
    There is a princess inside every girl right? 😉

    Yup, those poems are mine and the other language is Tamil only, how did you guess that? Do you know Tamil also?

    Keep visiting dear…


  • HI, princess,

    great poems, please keep writing!
    I have a very good friend who also writes wonderful poem, and he is from Chennai (

    I heard Tamil people are very artistic and talanted (it has a long tradition). He sometimes writes in Tamil on his blog, so i recognized the letters 🙂

    In fact i was even thinking of learning a little bit of this enigmatic language, but I need some support 🙂

    I love girls who feel themselves like princesses! Me and my girlfrineds here, we started a princess club

    Would be intesting to hear form you how do you identify your princess being, what makes it and why?

  • Hello Axinia 😀

    I think you’re right about the importance of balance between the sexes/genders. All too often the “female wheel” has been dismissed and shoved aside. Whenever this has happned in a society, I think all members have been the poorer for it.

    Tell me, do you also think there is a male and female component within each individual (regardless of biological gender)?

  • Imugi, thanks a lot for your valuable comment.
    I do think -and I actually know – that every human being has both male and female componenta in him/herself. In fact, it is easy to realise knowing about the qualities of the right and the left side (in the meaning of the subtle energy, or the different functions of brain halfs).
    Right side: action, thinking, logos, planning, future
    left side: emotions, past, love, joy, memory.

    Nowadays there are lots of women who are more “on the right side” – unfortunately, as that makes them also agressive.

    On the contrary men become more feminine and “lefty” which is not that bad (as less agressive) but leads to lack of responsibility and protector-qualities…

  • Thanks for your insightful response, Axina 🙂 I guess the ideal is to be balanced between the two poles—your chariot analogy captures that perfectly.

  • hmm, nice!
    just a lil say on the variety thing!
    there is enuf variety in both the sexes individually!
    but yea, the other one gives a lot more spice and curiosity, no doubts 🙂

  • “One is on the left side and the one is on the right side”
    What i believe is women are better than men. Because men are a synonym of exploitation and women of excuse. 🙂

  • “On the contrary men become more feminine and “lefty” which is not that bad (as less agressive) but leads to lack of responsibility and protector-qualities…”

    this is true to some extent,but what is the cause? Is the modern society responsible?

  • Nitinrohidas,
    there could be lots of reasons for that, but at the end I belive it is the so called human develoment – people who make choises to this or that direction. May be I will soon write something about the possible causes of the gender tendencies..

  • Dear nitinrohidas, I remember – thanks so much for your patience! I write only by inspiration, can not produce like a mashine 🙂 But I will try my best for you! 🙂

    Sanjya, thanks for this valuable input!! I checked all your links, really interesting.

  • Confusion remains. It will remain till the time we change our perceptions and draw a line. The problem is whole emphasis is on “being equal” instead of trying to figure out the purpose and best role of this creation.

    Thanks for this input.

  • good one. what I believe is this. Most of us understand and believe this. But never try to let others know that we do so. Just because of some kind of ego problem. We cant wait till everyone has changed, to start behaving in the right way. Why cant we start doing it ourselves and start the change

  • dear axinia,

    can you remember a time long ago and far away…
    you were my best friend when we were kids…
    we used to play often in my backyard and if this is really you I am looking for, I would be the happiest person alive!

    we used to live in Bremen and one day you just moved away and I had no idea where you had gone…

    ps: I think I still have funny pictures… 😉


  • What beautiful words to live by…. I have been looking for someone to say exactly what you have said. I agree completely, and in today’s society I get labeled as “chauvanist” because of agreeing with this. Good job, and I appreciate seeing it written so eloquently. I do not believe I am “better than a woman”, I believe that we are exactly as you say…..

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