Mini or Maxi? Feel the difference!

Published May 14, 2007 by axinia

 photo by vova

When I wear it I feel

Now guess what kind if dress I mean- mini or maxi?

If you look at the picture of me dancing in the night of my birthday, you may easily guess I mean a long, fluffy dress/skirt. I love that kind of dress! But how many females will confess it today?

Today a woman is forced to wear mini or -at the most- midi. One can not work in the office in a long, comfortable skirt, and no way one can wear it as a sales manager – I guess in India it is still possible to wear sari for business occasions?

I feel that the mini serves only the lust of men, and not the comfort of women (especially psychological one!). A woman wearing mini is being immediately judged if her legs are not that perfect (and they are not with 90 % of ladies!) or – in a rare case if they are, she gets under attack of lustful male attention.

Is it a question of low self-esteem? Or being brain-washed?

It took me a long way to get free from the conditioning of my society: from an extreme mini which I used to wear at 20, through endless years of trousers (because the fashion of 90-ies did not favour skirts) to my enjoyment of wearing long, elegant dresses…

It is not that easy to withstand the pressure of surroundings in keeping a unique, feminine style. But there is a secret: just be beautiful! The power of beauty works wonders and even if your style is different from mediocre society, you will not look funny or strange if you keep to the true Beauty.

PS. Recently I heard a prominet designer saying that soon the world will come back to the soft flowing dresses of antique – opposite to what one is thinking of the furutistic designs. Lets see…

 LOVE, axinia


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16 comments on “Mini or Maxi? Feel the difference!

  • Axinia,
    U look so sweet in that dress. The dress looks gorgeous with you…
    Yeah long skirts are always very much comfortable for parties and all and surely not for office….
    Just wearing the dress that you feel you are most comfortable with , makes you look beautiful. It is just the way you carry on with it…. I too love to wear long skirts and sarees 🙂

  • Followtheshadow, nice comment! –
    i am happy you share my feelings. But for one thing: you say that “wearing the dress that you feel you are most comfortable with , makes you look beautiful.” – I can not agree.
    What about jeans ?- many girls claim they fell very comfortable with it, but if you dress these very girls in something more feminine (long skirt or dress), they for sure will look much more beautiful!

    Totalstransformation – you know my target group is ladies 🙂 no idea why so many men read and comment here! :)) But I am very glad, my firend!

  • Axinia,
    Yeah thats what i meant, you cant go into a workplace with all gorgeous sarees and skirts. then we have to wear the most comfortable dress…
    When looking good comes first then we can go in for more feminine dress….
    Anyway we be comfortable with whatever we wear… 🙂

  • Hi,

    Just stumbled upon your blog.
    I must say, it’s lovely and stragely peaceful. This might be the strangest comment I must have ever made on any blog, but this one exudes peace.

    Have Fun… 🙂
    And yah…that’s a ‘lovely’ dress. I wish I could carry them off too…:D

  • HI, Venues,
    I am very pleased and happy you enjoyed my blog!

    I make it very feminine, soft and gentle and try to tell about the best feminie qualities – the best we, ladies are.
    But if you appereciate the peaceful part of it, you may enjoy even more my other blog

    I also like your blog, the concept is very nice and one can feel so much love for life and your friends!

  • Even if 90% of man (lustful, as U say) would feel angry of not being satisfied with long skirt, the rest 10% will be on top of the pleasure of seeing real beauty, as they think of it.
    U’ll win their good attention immediately!

  • Thanks a lot, Dmitra it is great you can see the point!
    I believe that true beauty is still much more powerful – when I wear my very long pink skirt (as on the picture) everybody looks at me and admires.
    But it is me who enjoyes the most anyway

  • Long enough I doubted whether to live a comment here or not but still made up my mind 🙂

    I do see the true feminine beauty in a woman wearing a long skirt/dress (although it also depends on the color and shape of it as well). I do admire everything connected with the old ages where every woman was dressed like a princess. These were times which I would love to be born to and which are worth living in again.

    But what I refuse to accept is that most men looking at a woman perceive her only as an object of lust. And I refuse to think that we, women, have to do everything to prevent this. What are men then? Really merely animals? Humble sheep doing only what their instincts tell them?

  • Oh, your long, fluffy dress just looks lovely!
    Enjoyed your post, *axinia ~ and I find myself concurring most with your point about how important it is for each of us to just feel comfy in what we wear – for that is what makes us genuinely feel (and thence) exude joy/radiance and loveliness!

    Do take care & Keep writing. 🙂
    Wishes, minerva*

  • actually i use to wear fluffly skirts also at office and many time when we have meetings with other women i am always the only one to wear a skirt. the difference in “impact” and “feeling” is easy to notice. Women in skirt are much more charming and …themselves. love this post!

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