The Glory of a Woman

Published April 24, 2007 by axinia


Color in the portrait of universe is from woman,

From her warmth the inner warmth of life;

In glory her dust is greater than Plaedias,

Each glory is the hidden pearl of her shell;

Dialogues of Plato she could not write,

Yet Plato’s spark by her flame was broken.

Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)


11 comments on “The Glory of a Woman

  • wow! again a blog by Axinia! congratulation!! amazingly beautiful!
    my heart has been stolen once by Chandramukhi (played by the magnificent Madhuri Dixit) in the latest version of Devdas.
    here two links: not only to enjoy the feminine beauty but also to honor the indian dance, maybe the finest.

    i’m also curious about the meaning of ghunghat.

  • Ghunghat??? Is it not a Hindi word for veil? That was a Indian woman so I wrote Hindi word. My question was how come “Covering head and face” be “glory of a woman” it should be symbol of oppression isn’t it ?.

  • I see your point now:)
    NO, really I did not mean it at all, I onyl took this picture because I found it stunningly beautiful.

    On the other hand I would not see a covering of a head as a sign of opression – at least in the western tradtion veils are very romantic, beautiful and mysterious…
    I would love to wear one! May be not always, but sometimes…I dont see much fun in exposing my body, more fun is in covering it and making it look like an angel…

  • I was randomly looking on the internet for photos of people of India. I ran across this photo (The Glory of a Woman) and thought it was so beautifully done. I would be willing to buy this photo in an 8 x 10 or a 16 x 20 if possible. I just think it would be a great accent photo to hang in my home. Could someone please let me know the name of the photographer. Thanks so much


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