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The Glory of a Woman

Published April 24, 2007 by axinia


Color in the portrait of universe is from woman,

From her warmth the inner warmth of life;

In glory her dust is greater than Plaedias,

Each glory is the hidden pearl of her shell;

Dialogues of Plato she could not write,

Yet Plato’s spark by her flame was broken.

Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)


The value of innocence

Published April 11, 2007 by axinia

 Life starts with childhood and childhood used to be cherished.

In the highlands of Maharastra in India, there are eight sacred statues of swaysbhus of Shri Ganesha, the God representing the eternal innocence of a childhood, who is the object of tremendous popular devotion.
He has an elephant head, symbolizing the strength and wisdom of the mightiest animal, devoid of human ego.

He is the archetype for the primordial vibration of child-like purity, the first-born, and he is worshipped in India before each official ceremony or collective function for his auspiciousness brings good luck. Read the rest of this entry →

Two more interesting points on Marriage

Published April 10, 2007 by axinia

  photo libraryman

One can write books and books on marriage… One can simply live a happy married life and do not write anything…  And one can have both! So I go for both and want to share with you two more interesting points on marriage.

Marriage: preserver AND motor of social evolution

If we analyze the way people used to get married across cultures we can see that in fact women tend to “marry up” and men – to marry equal or down. What does it mean? Looking for more security women of lower classes dreamed of marrying better off men with the better social position. As it has been a collective tendency,  more men tried to reach the higher social position. Read the rest of this entry →

My Fine Art of Blogging

Published April 9, 2007 by axinia


I was surprised and very much flatted to be asked by Quasi Fctional to take part in “Fine Art of Blogging” project. The author asks prominet blog artists to share their views on blogging.

Those my dear readers who are passionate bloggers themselves, or those who are thinking to start a blog – you may find it interesting to look behind the curtains of my blogging and see how I create these pages FOR YOU!

The post about it is here.

LOVE, axinia