Why do we long for beauty?

Published March 13, 2007 by axinia

  photo dakotahsgirl

Now when spirituality is at its rise, and the materialism is at its climax, the question of attitude to beauty does not leave many of us indifferent.

Again and again people seek the answer – is it important to be beautiful? Or is it only the inner world that is important?

Are beauty and spirituality related as beauty and the beast??

I have been expressing my attitude to this topic in all my articles on this blog – this is not much new for me to tell you. I insist that the beauty is as essential a need as eating, sleeping, surving ets.

Archeologists found out that primitive people obviously started decorating themselves and their caves at the earliest form of thier development! – scientists mean beauty can be interepreted as one of the basic needs.

Did you know that according to some recent research an image of a beautiful woman stimulates the nerve lumbar plexus of the stomach (known as “second brain”) as same as delicious food does?..

I was happy to find some powerful quotations on this subject  – now I know I am not alone!

LOVE, axinia


 Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
       – Anne Frank

The ability to see beauty is the beginning of our moral sensibility. What we believe is beautiful we will not want only to destroy.
       – Reverend Sean Parker Dennison

People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.
       – Salma Hayek

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.
       – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Beauty is the gift of God.
       – Aristotle

There is nothing that makes its way more directly into the soul than beauty.
       – Joseph Addison

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
      – Confucius

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
      – Franz Kafka

The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread.
      – D.H. Lawrence

 Taken from the site Inspiring Quotes


25 comments on “Why do we long for beauty?

  • It is easy to see beauty when you have love in your heart. It lets you appreciate the good things around you beyond appearances. I love the hands of my grandmother, the most gnarled hands you will ever see. But for me they are the most beautiful hands in the world as they cared for us in the most loving and tender ways. I guess its true what they say…”beautiful hands are hands that work”.

  • The beauty is something very deep that cover two large aspects. The outside or physical and the interior or spiritual. I can recognize to people of true beauty when they have a tranquil and sweet expression in their eyes, a sincere smile, and Of course, their actions are always positive.
    I believe that we must pass for some prior experiences for value correctly the interior beauty of human being.

    Have a good day.

  • Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments!
    I strongly belive that the times are comming when outer and inner beauty will be both considered important and both melting in each other…

  • dear axina, this is merely one more quote different from the above, from a liberated man by name UG. Kindly feel free to delete it if its irrelevant! 🙂

    If you look at a beautiful woman, for example, the moment you say that it is a woman, you have already created a problem – “A beautiful woman!” Then it is more pleasurable to hold her hands than just to look at her. It is more pleasurable to embrace her, even more pleasurable to kiss her, and so on. It is the build-up that is really the problem. The moment you say that she is a beautiful woman, culture comes into the picture.

    Here [pointing to himself] the build-up is totally absent because there is no way that these [pointing to his eyes] can be focused on any particular object continuously. For all you know, when that beautiful woman opens her mouth, she might have the ugliest teeth that a woman could have. So, you see, that [the eyes] has moved from there to here and again from here to something else, as perhaps, to her movements. It is [the eyes are] constantly changing its focus and there is no way that you can maintain this build-up.

  • Sanjay, very interesting points, many thanks!

    You question about beauty or ability to see beauty is just great!

    What I believe is that true beauty is like a queen: she is just there, whether you see her or not!

    The best test is childres`s opinion: being still innocent and pure, they can see the true beauty immediately! We can discuss whether something is beautiful or not, but THEY SEE it!

    I remember two smal children of my friends: when they saw Pamela Anderson on TV they started crying “witch!witch!”. You could not explain them she looks sexy 🙂 For sexy is not beautiful by any means!

    True beauty and ability to see beauty do exist parallel -and sometimes they meet…

  • It is interesting to see that most of the people who took part in this disscussion are men! is it because they are more interested int eh quesiton of beauty??

    As for me, I go for inner bauty manifested through the outer! Outer beauty withough the inner light is DEAD. But inner beauty which is not reflected in the appearance seem also in a way susspect to me.

    I somehow feel that beauty and spirituatity should meet – like matter and spirit!

  • When I read these comments it makes me almost break down into tears because even though I feel this way about my inner beauty as well as many others, those that have the ability to look pass their insecurities and channel their strength towards seeing past my weight and what their friends think are only a handful of whom I can’t seem to find.
    I am 15 years of age and it amazes me sometimes about how I have so much wisdom so young and yet how I can ease into “teen” mode at the same time. I am 5’4 and about 230 lbs. Though these may sound like alarming numbers I do not look as big as the digits, but compared to other girls my age I feel like a house. I am a somewhat popular girl at my school as far as me knowing a lot of people, but their are mainly girls. The boys that I know are okay but would never look at me that way. And on the other hand most of them make fun of me.
    It’s not like I’m a complete mope about it but sometimes it does get me down. I’m just known as the funny fat girl and for once I just want more. I recently told a boy that I liked him and he didn’t feel the same. At first I thought it didn’t bother me, but later I realized that it did. If only he knew how much of an effect his rejection had on me. I always thought he kind of felt the same, but honestly I just feel like it was only because of the way I look and his possible embarrassment. I’d much rather the fact that he was too immature to see past the embarrassment than for something to be wrong with me personally.
    But the funny thing is that I can actually be very pretty in the face, but I’m fat. Just my luck. I’m not looking for sympathy, I just need some encouragement, and maybe some words of wisdom. I haven’t really told anyone. I guess I’m just reaching out. Write back soon. I’d really appreciate it.

  • Dear C, thank you very much indeed for your trust and sharing! – I was thinking this over and decided to write a post on that topic – this weekend. Please, a little patience and you will find some valuable ideas, tipps and support here. LOVE, axinia

  • Dear Axinia, I thank you very much for hearing me out or should I say “reading.” It was very heartwarming for me to post this comment not really thinking that anyone would write back, but to have someone as special as you give me a small word of advice gave me hope. Please, anyone else who would love to comment or give me some additional advice, I welcome you with open arms. It’s the little things that truly make me feel that everything’s going to be okay. I may be too young to be looking for love, but somehow I just feel as though love will never come my way. Ever since that rejection I received, I’ve been insecurely basing my self worth on whether or not I could get a date. I know it’s wrong, but sometimes… you just can’t help the way you feel. Please, anyone who should read this, some advice would be nice. Hey, that rhymed. lol. I guess, that’s just the kid in me talking. 🙂

  • I see.. just read my article


    and see if it is really love that you feel… May be she should be like a sister to you? It is too often the case, and this love is not mutual…you know, normally women feel if they “belong” to the man or not.
    But there is a huge Love-illusion in this world, and no one ever can say for sure…However there are some signs of identification, I will soon write a post on it…

  • It’s me again. I feel good and I’m just glad to be back. I have good news. There’s this new boy that I like and he seems to like me too. His name is David. He’s really great. He’s funny, cute, but a little slow in the brain. I mean, he’s in the same program as me which features advanced programs and such, but sometimes it seems as if he just slid through the cracks. I don’t know, but I’ve been taking this whole thing really slow. He values my opinion and he tells all of the time that I make him happy. Me! But thats the least of my problems. There seems to be someone else I’m kind of “checking” for. I feel so happy when I’m around this person and I can never stop laughing, but I know it’ll never happen. Not only only because we’re best friends but my best friend is a GIRL! I don’t know how this happened because I don’t like girls. This I know, but when I’m around her, she just makes me feel like anything’s possible. But it’s not even like I actually like her like her, its more of an emotional crush. The fact that shes always there for me and genuinely loves me is what makes me fall so hard for her. And not only that, I’ve have been labeled a notorious flirt. I flirt around all the time with another friend of mine. ALL THE TIME! It’s ridiculous. Someone please hear me out.

  • Dear C, what you actually need is not the attention – it is simply LOVE- In any way, from anybody. AND IT IS NORMAL. Evryone need and wants to be love, unlimately.
    In that case I can give you a very good piece of advice:

    “If you need love – give love, and you will find love”, a wise person said.
    That is all. Just give. And you will get it back – much more…
    all my love 🙂

  • Well, it’s me again. I still think of this post I made almost three years ago now. I reread it and see how childish I was, and simply remember how much things have changed since then. But that girl who’s struggling with her weight and just wanting to be loved is still there, but she hides it better now. I was admitted to a private university this year and will be attending in the Fall. It’s extremely exciting, but I keep telling myself that the pool of guys will be better there. I don’t think I’ll find that to hold much merit, but I’m always dreaming about it. The thing that makes me feel a bit bad is that I got accepted into a prestigious school other than the one I have now chosen to attend, but I turned it down because when I visited I felt as though everyone there was too fit and lean. I just felt out of place. I didn’t think I’d have much luck there finding a mate. Although truthfully, I did have a better visiting experience at the school I will be attending than the one I was previously considering.

    I have found guys since that horrible rejection I faced three years ago, and they were great and found me attractive. But, I found them online which always puts a damper on everything. I did have a fling with this one guy that lived near me, but he was just desperate for sex and didn’t really care to know me which made me feel even worse. I did not sleep with him, so he doesn’t really want to talk to me anymore. But the fact that he was actually attracted to me did help me some. I’m currently trying to slim down to find a more genuine confidence in myself. Sometimes I’ll feel great about myself the way I am, but then there’s always those “if only” contemplations that enter my brain over and over again. Sometimes I really hate whom I’ve become. I love my personality and my intelligence, but not how I look. Sometimes I do like the way I look, I think that I am truly pretty, but then I go out and see other people and I start comparing myself to them. The only way I feel better is just by convincing myself that they’re probably boring and not very smart. I hate it. I hate that I am actively putting someone else down in my mind to make myself feel better about who I am or who I’m not.

    I don’t want to be skinny…I just want more defined curves. I just want to feel good about myself, and I don’t know if that’s possible until I lose some weight. It hurts so much. I hate this. 😦

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