The Image of a Primordial Woman

Published February 24, 2007 by axinia

When I was a child, I never liked to draw the blond princesses – my ones had always been dark-headed. Since that time I had somewhere deep in my head an image of a surrealy beautiful woman with unusually long dark curly hair, almond-shaped eyes and a thin wrist. Somehow it was my ideal. And that was not an image a child gets from the images of the Soviet culture! 

Nowadays looking at the beauty–queens of Miss Universe contests I see the same type of women being nominated as the ultimate beauty. Surprisingly enough one can seldom find a blond Miss Universe or Miss World – does the global community ignore the Mass Media selling strategies? Or is there some deeper message of the collective unconscious? 

When I later discovered the beauty of Indian scriptures,I was astonished to find out the exact description of my female ideal in Shri Lalita Sahasranama, a sacred Hindu text for the worshippers of the Goddess Lalita Devi, i.e. the Divine Mother, in the form of her and the male gods’ feminine power, Shakti.

It was C.G. Jung, a founder of analytical phsycology who first spoke of collective unconscious –  a part of a person`s unconscious which is common to all human beings. It containes architypes, which are forms or symbols that are manifested by all people in all cultures.

One of the most important and probably the oldest archytepes is the Mother Goddess. Not only the qualities but also an image of her must be deep-seated in the unconsious of all the races.

And even though we have a great variety of all the beauty-types of women, the image of the Promordial Woman seem to keep us in its gentle hands…

LOVE, axinia 


17 comments on “The Image of a Primordial Woman

  • Hi Axinia,
    The concept of beauty, in this life, is relative.
    The real concept of beauty is more extensive than we know it.

    In my Blog, I write about the beauty of the women of my hispanic race. Also I have presented text and photos about a Russian girlfriend that I had here, and, recently the photos of an actress India.

    I show it for readers of my Blog. For to prove that the human beauty is everywhere around the world; although, sometimes, we follow the media.

    Nevertheless I recognize that the true Beauty is more than the Body material or age that we have today. The essential is in our mind or in our spirit.
    Have a Good day,
    CARLOS (Tiger without Time)

  • Thanks a lot, Carlos!
    Unfortunately I could not find any materials or pictures about the beauty of the women on your blog – but I can not read in Spanish anyway 😦

    You are absolutely right, the true beauty is much moe than the body material, however I am convinced that the spiritual and physical beauty should go together!

    In fact, if you look at spriritually developed people you will find that they have mostly very pleasant features. One friend of mine jokes (or may be not?) that everybody who is born beautiful this life must had been meditating a lot in the past lives…

    Another question is what people do with this beauty that they probably gained though their sptiritual develoment before… It is so hard to withstand this tricky materislism! And for beatuful people there are even more temptaions, you know.

  • Quite a thought provoking post, shaktipower. Its said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Btw ashtavakra was a guy who had 8 (ashta) crooked distortions (vakra) in his body. When he went to the king’s court, everyone laughed at him. He ridiculed them calling them COBBLERS! Cobblers deal with only the outer skin, and do not look inside!

    Another well known saying is that Beauty is only skin deep.

    Also things change. A good story worth reading is the ugly duckling.

    Recalling a story narrated by a friend… imagine an old blind tortoise at the bottom of a deep ocean, and a wooden board drifting around somewhere on the surface of this vast ocean. Imagine that once in a hundred years the tortoise comes up to the surface. What is the possibility that the wooden board happens to drift around to exactly the same place at that point in time that the tortoise can get on to it?

    That is the priviledge of being born as a human!! Being born as a human itself is a great miracle.

    I certainly concur with you that being born beautiful probably indicates spiritual development/meditative life in the past. But in spirituality past is completely immaterial. The most beautiful person with a wonderful past dosen’t matter if not living in harmony with universal principles CURRENTLY 🙂 and that is the only thing matters. I feel that the only thing worthwhile is developing the ability to perceive inner beauty.

    Another scientific perspective about beauty is symmetry. Studies have shown that the more symmetric a face is, the more beautiful a person appears to be. The (arguably pseudo) science of indicates that a person’s face reveals his character. We know that right side and left side of brain indicate various aspects of character, like intellectual and artistic / male or female. So in this way perhaps it makes sense, if we consider that a beautiful person is then a more balanced person.

    Hmm… guess just like a book cannot be judged by its cover, we cant judge people based on their looks 🙂

  • Akbar and Birbal story…

    One day Akbar asked Birbal to bring in front of him the mmost beautiful child in the province.
    Birbal was quite stumped at the task but went out into the streets but couldnt judge any child.
    Next day he brought the most dirty looking kid, hair disheveled and her mother to the court.
    He presented her to Akbar and said after searching he found her to be the most beautiful baby in the place.
    Akbar astonished at how horrible the kid looked exclaimed, “she is the most ugliest child I have ever seen in my life!!!”
    Hearing this comment the subservent Mother of the kid,whose head was bowed in front of the king raised her voice and shouted, “WHO dares call my child ugly? She is the most beautiful and intelligent kid in the world.”
    Akbar realised then that for every parent their child is always the best, however you may look…

  • Dear Sanjay, thanks for your generous commnets!
    It is all true, no doubt! – however I feel it became a kind of a clichee that spirituality and beauty are not frieds. Actually the whole blog of shaktipower is created to prove the opposite! 🙂

    If you have not seen yet, please see my article “Spiritual aspects of feminine beauty”

    I insit that beauty IS important, and has a strong connetion to spirituality!

  • Axinia, I would like to add a point here……..I dont know if you already came across this, considering your knowledge about Indian traditions and heritage.

    In our daily prayers/rituals/ infact the thoughts, one of the most common phrase we come across is “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”……The meaning is
    Satyam – truth
    Shivam – God (it actually means Mangalam – which nearest word in English can be auspisciousness)
    Sundaram – Beautiful
    So Truth is Beauty and God is Beautiful!!!

    Thats I think is Indian concept of beauty……I dont if i am quite right but thats wat i believe!

  • Ramya,
    I heard this mantra “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” but actually never thought of it in that content! – great input.

    They say, also Socrates believed that Truth is Beauty.

  • Wonderful picture. She looks exactly like my closest friend as a teen. This woman had great spiritual power, but not in a conscious way. She always glowed and made you glow…like a shaktipat. She was at one time a flower child (she is in the next world now). We were both flower children. Though we were mentally on the same wavelength, we were so opposite physically, her with rivers of great curly dark hair and me with a wheatfield of straight blonde hair.

    But about beauty I disagree that either dark or fair beauty prevails, or is more powerful. If a woman has physical beauty to begin with and radiates shakti energy, white light, higher vibrations, she will be a stunningly beautiful woman as a blonde, brunette, redhead, or an ebony woman of great stature and wisdom. Beauties may compete, but if one has spiritual power it will create a quality that stands above the rest. That beauty will come through in mature women as well. That’s basically what everyone’s been saying collectively here, it seems true to me…

    About people meditating in past lives conveying beauty…it may be true even in this life. Look at the Buddha Boy. He is supernaturally beautiful.

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