The beauty of a marriage

Published February 23, 2007 by axinia

  photo by axinia

The togetherness of man and woman should be comforting, playful, and free – it should be fun. There should be humor, charm, and elegance; there should be mutual trust and dedication.

Such a marriage is like the eternal play of the waves and the shore. They face each other in eternal discovery, never tired of each other, always new, always fresh. Woman is the earth, man is the sea and the waves crash on the beach, again and again, for all to enjoy the evidence of timeless play.

There is no monotony in this repetition, no monotony at all. It is an embrace, a dance of natural energy.

“The legend of Dagad Trikon”, Gregoire de Kalbermatten


7 comments on “The beauty of a marriage

  • That is so good comparision. Marriage is a Harmony, where one should see themselves in others. If its understood even heaven is next to this, if not even Hell is better than this.

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