Beauty is Reality

Published January 24, 2007 by axinia


                          picture  by Azorina

What is the stunning beauty? How do we know it is beautiful and not just lovely, sweet, amazing, cute? The mystery unfolds very simple: you get absolutely thoughtless when you see the true beauty.

Your thoughts vanish and you are speechless in front of the revelation of God’s power. You find yourself in REALITY as there is no past and no future in your head in this moment.

Where is the beauty gone?

Now if we look at the modern design – clothes, interiors, and architecture – we almost never see the true beauty. The trend is to look “cool” – funny enough as these things are anything else but cool, being mostly very hot on vibrations. The modern design gives you everything but the true joy and peace of mind , that is truly the most relaxing and powerful.

The modern interiors are screaming: look at us, we are so stylish, so elegant, you will feel yourself on top of the world sitting at such apartment/restaurant!

The fashion industry – apart from making us wear the same colors and offering far less variety – cries out the ego-busting and humiliating slogans. Making us look cheap and depressed. Poor. Lifeless.


And it is screaming, whispering, yelling, murmuring, and howling at you. It is all bubbling with messages killing the beauty and joy… It can please your ego or console your self-pity but never comfort your spirit.

 Ambassadors of Beauty

Russian researches found out 2005 that children who grew up in the old-architecture districts of St. Petersburg are more intelligent and creative than the ones who spent their childhood in the suburbs. The study compared the children of the same material and social level. The only difference the two groups of children had is the architecture style they were surrounded with: the poetry of 18th century versus grey boxes of the 20th.


 by dgaponenko


If you have ever been to St. Petersburg you will never forget its majestic beauty, a marvelous mixture of parisian, viennise and venetian ingredients richly seasoned with Russian flavor. Every building is unique and impresses with its artistic carvings, cast-iron lattice and ornaments. Yes, the ornaments! These are the secret messengers of the Beauty, its silent ambassadors.

What happens to you when you look at the ornament? You get thoughtless just watching its curly ways, its music. You have to force yourself to follow the pattern – the flowery beauty of the piece of art drifts your mental tension away. And the pure enjoyment comes in…

Why are the Persian carpets the most popular and valuable throughout the centuries and countries? Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi advises to let small children sit and play on such carpets as it improves their attention and assiduity.

 The Lost Child

  by sume

Looking how people are dressed up in the West one can not believe there are millions and millions of colors available. Scientific experiments have shown that humans can discriminate between very subtle differences in color, and estimate of the number of colors we can see range as high as 10 million.

If red is in fashion you will find at the most 3 different tints in all the shops, no mater the level. The winter time is the best: instead of cheering itself up by wearing summer-reminding colors the crowd hides itself in the black-and–brown sacks.

The tender bunch of colors, like a rainbow child, seem to be lost somewhere in the less sophisticated past time…

How to come back to the paradise of beauty? To start with oneself – very trivial, but very true. As soon as you wish to see it you will see it: the astonishing beauty of the twilight sky, the jolly colors of small things, and the sudden ornament of a forgotten gate. The refined tracery of mosques, the colorful carvings of Indian temples, the breath-taking fresques of Italian masters.


 by ali…

And then you start seeing somehting else: the chilling pink of your winter-jacket, the long fanciful earrings underlining the swanlike beauty of your neck and – your sparkling eyes! But this is the theme for next post…




10 comments on “Beauty is Reality

  • Tausend entzückende Blüten leuchten im Garten,
    Rosen mit Veilchen, mit Düften so zarten,
    Wasser rinnt plätschernd von Stein zu Stein.
    Schönheit ist Botschaft von Gott –
    In Wahrheit ist er es allein.

    Rumi, 1207 -1273

  • What a wonderful article!
    “You find yourself in REALITY as there is no past and no future in your head in this moment” – so true this is why photographs looks so beautiful even though you see similar scenes everyday in life. You are missing in your mind. the moment you enter present moment awareness suddenly world looks like million colors.

    Lovely and very beautifully written article!

  • you know in India our clothes are colourful 🙂 lol,for us clothes itself paint a picture of various colours 🙂 interesting,maybe they are more intelligent because they learn more 🙂 well it is not maybe it is i guess 🙂

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