The Beauty of the Goddess

Published January 11, 2007 by axinia

It is believed that an image of a primordial woman, in form of a Goddess exists in the collective consciousness representing each and every woman of the world.

Through the worship of the Primordial Divine Mother one can awaken not only the most beautiful qualities but also the most amazing feminine powers! Shakti powers…

  by americasroof

Oh let the Goddess glorify
All that which no one can deny
I pray with only love-Shakti,
Oh Bhagavati, Mahadevi!

Your face is full of shine and beams,
And full of perfect beauty; seems
An unearthly image, that
Reflects like brilliance in our heart.

Oh Mother!

How matchless is the beauty fair
Of Goddess face, that’s everywhere
And there’s no end of singing Praise
When shines the magic of your face.

Of scarlet lips, Yours perfect are!
Once they had tasted God’s nectar
And had proclaimed the Will of God,
They granted Beauty to the World.

Oh Mother!

How beautiful Your Lotus eyes
Like pure dewdrops; wise,
Shining with tears of love.
Compassionate power soars like the Dove.

The deep mysterious Ocean sands
The miracles of Heaven’s lands
Are treasured by Your Lotus eyes
Like all the magic of Your Love.

 by sirop

Oh Mother!

In Your Divine and Pure eyes
The flowers blossom all the time
Divinity resides therein
There is the Spirit’s secret dream.

The only one desire unending
To reach the Universal Blending
With Paramatman and with Truth
To the beauty of Eternal Youth.

Oh Mother!

How full of wonders are the runlets
of Your hair! Creating pictures
And they flow down to the Earth –
And to Illusion they give birth.

And we are wandering in amongst them,
In the Maya of the black-golden gem
The stars reflect your shining light
As Maya, through the darkest night.

Oh Mother!

Our Face is the temple of Your Love
Of the Beauty which is all Above
The temple arches of Your brows
Are like the wings of Heaven’s bow

The diamond bunches on Your ears
Treasure the dazzling of the stars
They are the Sadashiva`s gift
To You, Oh Goddess, to Your thrift.

Oh Mother!

What kind of Heart You, Devi, have!
Containing all the worlds, it salves
All beings` sufferings. It beams
With greatest Love like beauty-streams.

And, singing Love, Your Heart creates
New wonder-spaces, und vibrates.
The voice of Heart sounds everywhere
The voice of Heart that fills all spheres.

  by sume

Oh Mother!

That Voice of Heart is like a spring
Awakening the world from dream,
It flows with calling Song of Love
It is the Voice of Heart, whereof
The peal of ever sounding bells
Which of Divine compassion tell.
It is the voice of Mother’s Love
The messenger, like pure dove.

Oh Mother!

Only this pure Heart of Yours
Can nourish all Creations` life,
Can everything be filled with light.
Divine compassion makes alive
The smallest nucleus and largest stars
Your Heart reigns everywhere like a czar
And there’s no limit of Your Love,
Oh Mahadevi, You’re of all Above!

Oh Mother!

How beautiful Your gentle wrists
How tender is their graceful gist.
The bracelets of heaven cover them
The star’s light shines from every gem.

And there’s a humble heart’s desire
Which grows from a little light to fire
To sing the beauty of Your Hands
Which have created all the Lands.

  by judiboy

Oh Mother!

There in wonderful sweetest dreams
Where thousand petals flowers beam,
There in the solemn peace Your Feet,
Your Lotus Feet forever rest.

Within the rosebuds hearts are kept
Your Feet with nectar honey-sweet.
They shine on the Altar Divine
Which is washed by celestial waves
Of tenderness, Of Goddess` Grace.

Oh Mother!

Please let us nestle at Your Feet
You hear from our hearts, the beat!
Within our heart the temple is
For Mother’s Feet, for Mother’s Bliss.

Your Feet are ever all illumed
By shine of buds, which ever bloom
And nothing in the world compares
To that glorious sweetness of Your Feet.

Oh Mother!

The face of everlasting Beauty!
Lord Shiva`s look is fully illumed
With perfect scarlet beam and shine-
You are the only one, Divine.

The Goddess of the Worlds and Lands,
Beyond the Time, beyond the Space
The treasure of His Love-Shakti –
Oh Bahagavati, Mahadevi!

LOVE, axinia


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