The Colour of Love

Published January 3, 2007 by axinia

The bubbling colors are all around – red, blue, yellow, orange, green, black, white…

We enjoy colors or fear them, we like to wear them or try to avoid. They are powerful! And the most powerful one – guess what? – seems to be PINK.
Strangely enough very few people prefer pink. Don`t they know it is the color of love? Don`t they love?


According to color psychology pink sends out waves similar to heart frequency and thus nourishes and comforts the heart.

They advise to color pink the walls of sleeping rooms of heart-sick people. Not by chance people love the symbolism of a pink heart! Pink clothes for sweet little girls, pink toys for babies, pink roses…

The government of Aurangabad, India strongly believes that the pink will improve the city with the highest criminal rate. Travel into the city today and you find the facades of most of the private and government buildings painted a gaudy pink.

The town’s sub-division officer Arvind Kumar Singh says: “What better color than pink which symbolizes good mood, soothing sight and good feelings. Pink also fosters communal amity and harmony.” Accordingly, the government buildings were all painted pink, and now private dwellings seem to be following suit without much resistance.

The mystery of pink color reveals the sahaj knowledge: pink is the color of Paramchaitanya, the all-pervading power of love.

It is the very loving, creative and supportive power that nourishes the existence of the world. Every time you see a stunning pink sunrise or sunset, know that the breath of God is there…

Love, axinia

by Marc Grey


12 comments on “The Colour of Love

  • Pink also provides a great reflction of light! Pink and purple are two colors you notice in “Twilight zone” Incidentally twilight zone is refered as “now” in India. No past no future and living in now is the color of pink


  • One more note: though I am writing in English, German and Russian, the topics are almost all the same – it is kind of a translataion.

    Very seldom I do not translate – like the esse on Austira in German (will be less interesting for English-speaking people 😉

  • Even am in Love with this PINK color,I use to do my works in PINK.
    PINK is a girlish color, Girl is love, so Pink is Love, I guess we can take this way… 🙂

    Another significance of pink, it is the color of GOD, in Indian Philosophy it is so

  • A wonderful poem by BALA,

    the Photoshop version at

    “God gave us Love
    and we gave it one color
    PINK. Its the color of Love,
    its the color of life.

    In the cuddle of a mother
    In Hug of a friend
    In love of a sister
    In kiss of a dear.

    Feet of a new born baby,
    Lips of that sweet lttile angel
    Born with the pink and
    She grows with the pink.

    Her first dress, her best doll;
    Those tiny socks, those shiny bassinette
    Her cute little watch, her tiny brittle glasses
    Those aesthetic Clips, those splendid sandals

    Pinkish nail – not varnished, as pink as a candy
    Pinkish Lips- not sticked, as pink as petals
    Pink eye shadow – God’s gift, as pink as feather
    Pink clothes not revealing the Pinkish skin.”

  • Hmmm…pink is a nice colour no doubt, but I don’t think it’s so special at all. I prefer colours that are soothing to look at…colours like blue and green. Scientifically, the wavelengths that cause the least strain on the eye correspond to the region of green and blue…and that is what I like! 🙂

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