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Beauty is Reality

Published January 24, 2007 by axinia


                          picture  by Azorina

What is the stunning beauty? How do we know it is beautiful and not just lovely, sweet, amazing, cute? The mystery unfolds very simple: you get absolutely thoughtless when you see the true beauty.

Your thoughts vanish and you are speechless in front of the revelation of God’s power. You find yourself in REALITY as there is no past and no future in your head in this moment.

Where is the beauty gone?

Now if we look at the modern design – clothes, interiors, and architecture – we almost never see the true beauty. The trend is to look “cool” – funny enough as these things are anything else but cool, being mostly very hot on vibrations. The modern design gives you everything but the true joy and peace of mind , that is truly the most relaxing and powerful.

The modern interiors are screaming: look at us, we are so stylish, so elegant, you will feel yourself on top of the world sitting at such apartment/restaurant!

The fashion industry – apart from making us wear the same colors and offering far less variety – cries out the ego-busting and humiliating slogans. Making us look cheap and depressed. Poor. Lifeless.


And it is screaming, whispering, yelling, murmuring, and howling at you. It is all bubbling with messages killing the beauty and joy… It can please your ego or console your self-pity but never comfort your spirit. Read the rest of this entry →


Female Friendship

Published January 17, 2007 by axinia

My sweet sister, my girlfriend – a tender undiscovered flower on the trampled down meadow of human relationships…

 by amanda

True friendship is certainly a domain of true men. True friendship between women does not exist – either they just pretend to be friends with an idea to snatch each other’s men or they are most probably hiding their “romantic” feelings of homosexual attraction. That is what the greatest Guru of today, the Internet is teaching us. That is what is hidden or openly said in the popular and classical literature. That is what most of us have been always told and some of us even believe to have experienced. Have enough of it?
Let’s have a closer look at one of the most beautiful mysteries of the human race.

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The Beauty of the Goddess

Published January 11, 2007 by axinia

It is believed that an image of a primordial woman, in form of a Goddess exists in the collective consciousness representing each and every woman of the world.

Through the worship of the Primordial Divine Mother one can awaken not only the most beautiful qualities but also the most amazing feminine powers! Shakti powers…

  by americasroof

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Цвет Любви

Published January 8, 2007 by axinia

Нас окружает многообразие цветов – красный, синий, желтый, оранжевый, зеленый, черный, белый…

Мы любуемся каким-то цветом, а другой вызывает у нас страх, какие-то цвета мы предпочитаем в одежде, других стараемся избегать. Цвета обладают силой! И оказывается, самый сильный из них – угадайте, какой? – РОЗОВЫЙ.

Невероятно, что так мало людей любят розовый цвет. Неужели они не знают, что это цвет любви? Неужели они не любят?

 by jayjuice

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The Colour of Love

Published January 3, 2007 by axinia

The bubbling colors are all around – red, blue, yellow, orange, green, black, white…

We enjoy colors or fear them, we like to wear them or try to avoid. They are powerful! And the most powerful one – guess what? – seems to be PINK.
Strangely enough very few people prefer pink. Don`t they know it is the color of love? Don`t they love?


According to color psychology pink sends out waves similar to heart frequency and thus nourishes and comforts the heart.

They advise to color pink the walls of sleeping rooms of heart-sick people. Not by chance people love the symbolism of a pink heart! Pink clothes for sweet little girls, pink toys for babies, pink roses…

The government of Aurangabad, India strongly believes that the pink will improve the city with the highest criminal rate. Travel into the city today and you find the facades of most of the private and government buildings painted a gaudy pink.

The town’s sub-division officer Arvind Kumar Singh says: “What better color than pink which symbolizes good mood, soothing sight and good feelings. Pink also fosters communal amity and harmony.” Accordingly, the government buildings were all painted pink, and now private dwellings seem to be following suit without much resistance.

The mystery of pink color reveals the sahaj knowledge: pink is the color of Paramchaitanya, the all-pervading power of love.

It is the very loving, creative and supportive power that nourishes the existence of the world. Every time you see a stunning pink sunrise or sunset, know that the breath of God is there…

Love, axinia

by Marc Grey