You are a born princess!

Published October 31, 2006 by axinia

 Find your royal dignity…



Why little girls all over the world love playing princesses dressing up and wearing a crown? Why holding their breath do they listen to magical fairy tales about beautiful, wise, sweet, clever, loving daughters of kings? As every deeply rooted phenomenon this one must have a good reason to have lived through millennia.


The Princess Archetype we can call it – is indeed very old and is present in every culture. Being underestimated by grown-ups (yesterday’s little girls!) this Archetype remains obstinately present in our lives, often taking an ugly form of power-orientation later. Children as they are not that spoiled and brainwashed are longing for beautifully expressing one of the basic human values – THE DIGNITY. It is the dignity that makes a king to a king, a queen to a queen.


Except for very few noteworthy examples (Empress Maria-Theresia of Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy – picture above, Queen Qua Ning of China, Raja Janaka of India) the human history does not show us many brilliant rulers which will make us feel this Archetype is that attractive. And still people love different aspects of this wonderful principlel!

The answer to this mystery lays in ourselves as actually the answer to any other mystery : The universal value system built within each of us contains this principle of the royal dignity which may be called this Princess Archetype or similar (corresponding to the subtle centre on the right part of the abdomen). 


In Indian tradition the Goddess representing this principal is Raja Lakshmi (one of the 10 aspects of the Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of beauty, generosity, benevolence and prosperity). Raja means “king”. Raja Lakshmi blesses you with certain qualities that can be manifested in a person through his appearance and behavior. And now you can check if YOUR Raja Lakshmi principle is awakened!

Generally if you possess most of the below characteristics* people recognize this royal dignity in you easily and behave very respectfully towards you.

Coming back to our Princess theme let us see what she is like:

  • She is looking after the good for people
  • She is completely balanced
  • She has the dignity of a King or a Queen.
  • She gives love and benevolence for others.
  • She does not beg, because she is the Queen
  • She walks like a royal person
  • She is the queen who gives and does not demand anything
  • She does not change her style and fashion
  • She has her hair well done, like a royal person
  • Her dresses are neat, clean, colorful and beautiful
  • She does not follow fashion, it is for ordinary people. Instead, she creates fashion
  • She does not take money from others, she does not borrow money from others
  • She always talks with dignity and respect for the dignity of others
  • She uses royal language: no cheap words, no slang
  • She has a head that is capable to wear a crown
  • She gives solutions, she does not ask for solutions
  • She solves her problems herself
  • She does not use cheap things: cheap material, cheap language, everything cheapish
  • She loves decoration
  • She likes to light up candles and decorate the room with lights
  • She does not talk too much
  • Whenever she has to talk, she talks sense.
  • She is in charge of herself, as a queen.
  • She carries herself with dignity.
  • She is not self-conscious, but she is conscious of her dignity.
  • She communicates easily with the people who have powers (like royals, administrators, politicians)
  • She is completely detached about the power
  • She has a temperament which is very dignified but also very humorous
  • She understands what other people are like
  • Wherever she looks, in every glance she gives a feeling of happiness to others

Have you recognized yourself?

In fact EVERY one of us is a born princess; it is just the matter of opening this up!

*based on the lectures of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi




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