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Ask yourself: who can positively attract the attention of many people, say, at a party at once, without doing anything special, just being herself/himself? What kind of a person it should be that everyone would admire and enjoy her/him? Will a tall blond girl with a perfect figure and a pretty face raise these feelings in the public? Surely no – ladies will mostly feel jealous and men will mostly be thinking how to pick her up (which is also not very positive as it suggests possession and ego-trip and not the true enjoyment). So who is that fortunate person whose ability is to be immediately appreciated by everyone? The answer is as logical as unexpected… 

A child! It is a child who immediately attracts the attention of everybody, makes people laugh and raises the feeling of sweet enjoyment. You can fairly object to the statement that we, adults, are naturally not children any more and one can not compare. Right, we are so called grown-ups; however every one of us has some child-like qualities safe deep (or not that deep) inside. Don’t you feel like a child getting a desirable present? Suddenly seeing some colorful butterflies? Strolling around in a Christmas-decorated snowy city? Bubbling with curiosity while solving a puzzle? Being hugged and soothed while weeping by someone who cares?… 

This child never dies in us and in fact it is this very child in you and me who attracts like a magnet and makes us truly lovable! Interestingly enough, it is not only the child-like qualities of a character, as spontaneity, ability to feel and enjoy the beauty of every moment, wisdom and innocence. According to a long-term research project at the Universities of Regensburg and Rostock (Germany), for female faces, it could be shown that babyface attributes – such as large, round eyes, a large domed forehead and small, short nose and chin lead to a rise in attractiveness values.     


What if you do not happen to have a babyface? Correcting make up can help anyway – more about this in the “beauty” section of this blog. However the inner state is definitely more important! There is this great German word “Ausstrahlung” which means something like charisma, but more of a “radiating, vibrancy” type. It is actually what really influences the perception of your personality. You may look like a baby -doll but have no –or even negative – Ausstrahlung and nobody will find you attractive! So what is YOUR Ausstrahlung? 


People want to be attractive because they want to be loved. At the best – by everyone. BUT: A wise person said “if you don’t have love, give love and you will find love”… Can we give love, just simply to everyone, without asking for something, unconditionally? What hinders us? What are we lacking?  

One of the key ingredients of love is the INNOCENCE. H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says “An innocent person is really like a magnet and it attracts, he attracts the people towards himself, just like a flower attracts a bee towards itself.” Due to the development of the society in the last century (Freud&Co) innocence has vanished from the value system of the western world and become an old-fashioned term. Innocent people, if they are shown in the literature or films, are mostly depicted as foolish and weak. However it is the innocence which is one of the most powerful things in this world, and especially if it is an innocence of a woman! Perfect example – Audrey Hepburn.

It is the innocence that gives you sparkling, joyful eyes which no plastic surgery or any stimulation can do.

It is the innocence that makes you very authentic and always fresh.

It is the innocence that does not let people pass some vulgar and dirty remarks on you.

It is the innocence that let others immediately feel you are trustworthy.

It is the power of your innocence that let others enjoy your company and desire to be with you. To love you.

Isn’t it all we really want?  




36 comments on “BEING LIKE A MAGNET

  • Almost regrettably yet not, since one of those “qualities” I have always noticed about any kind of beauty is that it is difficult, seemingly illogical (?!) to look away, yet life has more to it than mere beauty. So when beauty is in harmony with “the rest of” the world, we may feel so much happier than at any other time, whatever it is that is happening.

  • How true, now that I think about it, children hardly worry so much about being beautiful yet they draw our attention so quickly. It’s sad that innocence is considered weakness yet it’s a wonderful ideal to behold in beauty. Thanks for recommending this article!

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  • You may be right, but i have different experiences. I am – as people say – very innocent and in a way childlike, but at the same time I look and behave very professional and serious. People not only involve me in decision-making processes, but actually want me to coordinate projects, exactly because of that!

    By the way, they say that charismatic personalities are exactly of that type: childish in a way, but still very reliable. That is what everyone likes about them! – Check with politicians and popular people…

  • yes i see this points. I feel very free while enjoying my childlike attitude, joking a lot, playing with people and situations with kindness and fun AND at the same time understanding the gravity i am surrounded with, which still comes from people and situations. Innocence is just the key of everything when you start developing it from inside! love

  • Thank you, Axinia, for another gem of insight!

    Hunny Sachdeva:

    Maturity is rather about acting responsibly, sensitively and appropriately.

    With these reservations, spontaneity is something that justifies being in charge: “He/she is like (the inner) me, he/she doesn’t ride the high horse, he/she can laugh at oneself – and won’t do wrong.”

    Non-nocere. Not doing wrong, not expecting wrong…

    Innocence can be power, indeed.

    “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch…” (R.Kipling)

    Once I had an argument with a boyfriend, and he promised to spank me. I raised a curiously surprised glance and asked calmly, “Should I put down the pants?”

    Pause… “You know why you’ll never get raped?”- he asked.

  • Axinia, what shall I say. You are so right.

    In fact, this applies to a man too. It is said “A man should be like a man, strong and innocent”. And the best example is God Hanuman.

    AND, your choice of Audrey Hepbrun – the most beautiful woman of the last century – as the personification of charisma is bang on the bull’s eye.

    I love Audrey Hepbrun – Princess Anna 🙂

  • this one i did not expected from you, Swaps… 🙂
    But on the otehr hand – I guess it is exactly bacause of that beauty and innocence that you like my blogs…Am i right?

  • Allow me to plead my innocence.
    Here is my photo for evidence.

    My guilt – adoring fine lace,
    Fashion TV – the right place.

    If still, I not be innocent,
    Axiia, thou shall be repentant.


  • you are soooo sweet swaps and – a dangerous person at the same time 🙂 you know how to win my heart over 🙂

    I love fashion shows and to watch how designer make their girls up… however it is too sey for me, can not watch it much.. And can nto find much innocence there either… Otherwise the lace and the grace is fine!

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